If a Tree Falls While You Are at Work…

Click here to watch Paul Nosak and, what I call Tree TV.Passion is probably the most important characteristic concerning content creation.  The individual pictured here is passionate about his content.  I had a chance to interview Paul Nosak at the recent NATPE show regarding his unique show that is rooted in his tree cutting business.  His enthusiasm in infectious and if anyone can make a show about trees interesting, it is this person.  Click here to watch the video and read the rest of his story. 

Video Production at NATPE

Click here to watch the video and read the rest of the reviewIt is frustrating going to conferences without Roger Bindl, as it is difficult to produce ViodiTV with just one person. I was encouraged when I stumbled across the Supacam booth at NATPE, as they were selling relatively low-cost, solid state, digital video camcorders. These are full 720×480 resolution camcorders with the added bonus that they will provide high-resolution still photos.  Read on for the rest of the review and be sure to watch the following video captured with this $328, palm-sized device, the Supacam SS.

WSTA 2008 PR/Marketing Seminar

Click here to view Roger's take on the WSTA 2008 PR/Marketing SeminarRoger Bindl reports on the WSTA 2008 PR/Marketing Seminar held in Wisconsin Dells. David Saxby of Measure-X kicked it off as keynote speaker. Stuart Keith and Tom Hansen of Crew/Cut Teleproductions followed with information relevant to telcos considering getting into video production. Gary Evans and Mary Malloy of Hiawatha Broadband added to that with hands on experiences from a telco’s perspective. Hillary Cherry kicked off day two with a marketing perspectivethat’s relevant to social networks, blogs, vblogs, and other on-line resources. Margaret Hines of Inspire Marketing wrapped it up with a revealing marketing round table.


 Where Broadband Intersects Television
Just Added

Viodi’s Local Content Workshop at Inland Telephone

– Feb. 26th, 2008 – Roslyn, WA

Local Content Workshop Image

Software as Services – OPASTCO & Microsoft

Click here to learn more about Innovative SystemsGeorge Henny of Fiber Cloud discusses the announcement between OPASTCO and Microsoft in this interview filmed at the OPASTCO 2008 Winter Convention.  Henny discusses how important software as a service will be to businesses with less than 150 employees and how this creates opportunities for the independent telco.  He explains the rational as to why Fiber Cloud led the beta testing and different ways telcos might deploy the Microsoft product.  Click here to read the rest of this post.

The Virtual Business – A Telco Opportunity

This is an example of the video interface of the Pronto unified messaging client.Software as a service has been a big buzzword in Silicon Valley technology circles for a number of years. It finally seems to be filtering to the independent telcos, as evidenced by last month’s OPASTCO-Microsoft venture and this week’s announcement at NTCA’s Annual Expo that Goldfield Telecommunications and Communigate are partnering to bring the latter’s technology to independent telcos.  Click here to read the rest of this post.

Wireless Telecom in Transition…by Alan Weisberger

If implemented, the merger of Motorola’s and Nortel’s wireless infrastructure businesses would result in the creation of a $10 billion revenue company that would be better positioned to jostle for market share in a fast-consolidating industry.  Both companies have invested in WiMAX technology and have different product lines.  Click here to read the rest of this post.

How will I watch TV today? by Roger Bindl

Drawing Television

This morning I debated… how will I watch television? The debate ended quickly as I contemplated the options. My wife and I like watching CBS News "Sunday Morning" live. It’s one of the few programs we like to watch at a specific time, so we watch it over the air, or on cable – either works.  Click here to read the rest of this post.

Club Viodi Postings

Club Viodi membership is restricted to independent telcos.

Upcoming Events

The following link provides a survey of some of the upcoming events in which Viodi or ViodiTV has some involvement.  Let us know if you will be attending any of these events. 

People on the Move – The Power of Search

Bruce Degn, formerly of U.S. Telecom and currently a Principal of the Executive Crash Course, stumbled across ViodiTV a few weeks ago while performing an Internet search on something else. Bruce and Steve Sheppard have expanded on Sheppard’s well-received telecom books series (e.g. Telecom Crash Course) to include training for both the U.S and international markets. On March 19th-21st, Degn tells me they are producing a Deloitte Tax Telecom Institute in Dallas, TX on March 19-21 that will also provide insight on IPTV and other technologies; sounds like a good one for the accounting group; especially, to get them up to speed on technology.

The Korner – Has Roger Got Avocado’s Number?

Avocados have always been near and dear to me.  I still have fond memories of my Aunt Cookie’s avocado tree. I was always impressed how a tree from sprout by simply sticking toothpicks in the seed and hanging it in water. Despite my love for this fundamental element of guacamole, avocados never had the same stature as, say, the dancing raisins. 

Haas is trying to raise the status of avocados with a low-cost marketing campaign, whereby they solicited people, who use the Revver video sharing service, to submit their best avocado commercials. With only a $500 prize, the production of this advertisement is essentially free. For Roger, it provided a nice distraction on a cold winter President’s day. Roger can make an avocado seem interesting, thanks to his passion, creativity and skill at using various content creation tools. Check out his avocado videos by clicking on the following images.    

Click here to watch the vidoeClick here to watch the video

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