Another Reason for Embedding

At the Tampa Bay International Airport, WiFi access to the Internet is bundled with the price of your airline ticket; aka it is "free access". There is a price to "free", however, and, in this case, it is the blockage of video streaming and adult content sites. When attempting to access one of these sites (a video streaming site in my case), an error message appears (along with some sponsored links) as follows:

"This domain is blocked. Access to has been blocked for either content or bandwidth considerations. This restriction is necessary to ensure Free Internet access. This site was categorized in: Video Sharing, Adult Themes" [see this link for web page].

When I view the ViodiTV post that has the video embedded, I still don't see the video, but at least I see the accompanying text.  So, the two take-aways from this experience:

  1. Embedding video in a non-blocked site assures the viewer will at least be taken to the destination web site.
  2. Text is important as both a teaser to get someone to watch a video, as well as a substitute if the video is blocked. 

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