The Tablet and Smart Phone as an Input Screen and as a Product Finder

Screenshot courtesy of Aisle411M2M could be a big driver for LTE networks, as shown in Alan Weissberger's latest article and as evidenced by a conversation I had with one network provider last week at CTIA . Although I never made it to the CTIA showfloor, I did see some interesting exhibits at a pre-CTIA press event. Two items at this event that caught my eye were a mobile app that essentially turns an iPad into a remote screen/entry device for one’s PC and another that enables self-help at the retail level.  

Kineticd, a cloud storage/back-up solution, provides a mobile app, at no extra cost, for accessing one’s computer remotely. This app essentially turns the iPad into a front-end for a PC, allowing one to control their PC and its native applications via the convenience of an iPad or equivalent. Extending this app, similar to what NComputing does, would allow one PC to host multiple instances of a tablet or smart-phone, such that one computer could simultaneously support multiple family members (each with his or her own tablet or smart-phone).

Aisle411 brings search to the retail level. Instead of just searching to find a store, this application lets you also search within the store and find the aisle and specific location where a product resides. The application integrates information about the product, facilitates price comparisons and includes a reward program and social networking to bring an engaging online experience to the brick and mortar world. Although it does not require cooperation from retailers, this application could still make things more efficient for retailers by reducing the need for people to assist customers. 

Above image courtesy of Aisle411.

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