Clearwire to disclose Developer Opportunities with CLEAR WiMAX 4G

IEEE ComSoc SCV is very fortunate to have two influential Clearwire professionals speak at our Feb 10th IEEE ComSoc-SCV meeting in Santa Clara (logistics and other details at  The topic is: Developer Opportunities with CLEAR WiMAX 4G


Mobile WiMAX as provided by Clearwire (the CLEAR network) is also available from Sprint, Comcast, and Time Warner, under a reseller/ MVNO agreement in the United States. These “4G” wireless networks represent an opportunity for a new generation of products and services that take full advantage of mobile broadband capabilities.  Ckearwure understands that the true value of 4G WiMAX will be realized through new products and services, and with this in mind is focused on enabling 3rd party applications, services and devices for the CLEAR network.

At what promises to be a very informative meeting, Clearwire's David Rees and Allen Flanagan will provide an overview of the CLEAR network, nation-wide rollout, and device plans. They will provide details on CLEAR’s Innovation Network program and how Silicon Valley developers can get discounted aircards and free 4G network access through 2010 to develop and test their 4G ideas.

Dave and Allen will also walk through the available and planned platform and device services that CLEAR will be providing including location, network session information, connection management, activation, and provisioning. Some of the use cases of these services will be described, including proactive video optimization and location-enabled services.

A lively panel session will follow these presentations. The speakers and moderator will address the role of the application developer in making mobile WiMAX and CLEAR successful. Clearwire's future plans for enabling 3rd party applications and devices will be discussed along with competition from 3G and 3.5G networks. Looking further out, we'll get Clearwire's views on IEEE 802.16m (WiMAX 2.0) vs. LTE.


David Rees drives CLEAR’s ecosystem enablement efforts, working with partners and developers to help them realize the potential of WiMAX in their products and services. The ecosystem enablement team is working to support developers through network services, platform APIs, reference implementations, workshops, and other partnering efforts. We also take the feedback and results of developers and use it to help optimize our network and platform roadmaps for developers and partners. David holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Rensselaer and has been in the technology industry for twenty years.

Allen Flanagan manages the CLEAR 4G WiMAX Innovation network program (, a special program where CLEAR has built out an early access WiMAX network in Silicon Valley with the goal of enabling software developers and technology companies to innovate on WiMAX. He works as part of a focused team of people within Clearwire that deals with WiMAX ecosystem and partner programs. Allen has worked in the High Tech industry for over 15 years in a variety of roles from Enterprise Application development to Technology Channel Marketing. He holds a BS from the US Naval Academy and an MBA from the University of Texas.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP to
Alan Weissberger
IEEE ComSocSCV Chairman and Event Organizer

0 thoughts on “Clearwire to disclose Developer Opportunities with CLEAR WiMAX 4G

  1. I saw CLEAR at the Pepcom CES, pre-conference in Las Vegas and was impressed with the plethora of devices that were able to communicate with the CLEAR network.  This should be a good event, as it will be a chance for developers to learn how to build applications that work on the CLEAR network.

  2. Will CLEAR Location tracking be accurate enough?
    ajwdct – Mon, 01/25/2010 – 19:04

    Clearwire Location is based on identifying the center of the Sector (1/3 of a cell) that the user is currently in.  Will that be accurate enough for most users, especially now that Nokia is providing FREE GPS tracking on all its phones?
    Location and RF Awareness (for mobile video) are the two key tools Clearwire will provide to apps developers (Connection management is important too but is mandatory for all apps).   Will these and other tools be enough to encourage CLEAR apps developers?  Come to this meeting to find out first hand!

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