Detroit or Silicon Valley?

Connecting vehicles to each other, to infrastructure, to other modes of transport and even pedestrians will be increasingly important, as in the future, traffic will include a mix of human and self-driving vehicles. There may not be consensus on when autonomous vehicles will be commonplace on the roads and highways of America, but one thing all experts can agree on is that testing, testing and more testing will be required.

Given that much of that infrastructure will be in the form of software, compute power, sensors and communications, Silicon Valley will have a role in bringing intelligence into the transportation network. Aiding that effort will be ProspectSV, “the first nonprofit, Silicon Valley-based technology commercialization catalyst for smarter, cleaner cities globally.”

The above video was filmed at ProspectSV’s official unveiling of its ITS Signal Lab & SimLab. ProspectSV’s aim is to help facilitate the transition to an intelligent transportation system and, based on what ProspectSV and their partners demonstrated at its ITS Signal Lab & SimLab unveiling, they are off to an excellent start.

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