The Drum Set of this Millennium

Presents start flowing to my eldest son 10 days before Christmas, as he was born on December 15. He informed a few days before his big event that this, his 10th birthday, was special as it represented his graduation from kid to tween status. 

By the way they were smirking and chortling, I had an inkling that I was going to receive payback from my sister and brother-in-law for giving my nephew a drum set sometime during the 1990s. The package they gave my son for his birthday was too small to be a loud musical instrument, however. I was stumped.

Then he ripped open the package revealing a pre-paid cell phone; the drum set of this millennium. Cell phones, portable game players and MP3 players are the types of devices I have been keeping away from my kids. My fear is that these devices, while connecting him to his friends and the outside world, will hasten his disconnection with his immediate family.

Still, I realize the world my son grows up in is going to be a different one than when I was a kid and that, someday, he will probably need a broadband connected, electronic reader to get the news of the day, while eats his morning cereal.

0 thoughts on “The Drum Set of this Millennium

  1. I’m curious how you relate a cell phone to a drum set. Lets look at it…
    Drum Sets
    HREF=>Cell Phones
    Very different. I’m just taking the opposition. I do however relate in a way since I just had my son on Nov.6 so I’ll get to experience things very different with him than what I did growing up.

  2. Thanks Ryan for the comment and congratulations on the new born son. What a blessing.

    I think we agree on the essence of what I was trying to suggest, which is that the world is changing and the way we are used to doing things (whether it is reading the paper with our morning cereal or annoying our parents with some particular toy) is changing.

    I think the similarities between a drum set and cell phone is that both could be very annoying to the parents.

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