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Viodi is hooked on WordPress. WordPress has been an amazing tool for managing hundreds of posts on ViodiTV and Viodi View over the past 20+ months. As an open source system, it has given us an amazing amount of flexibility and saved a ton of money. Still, we are just touching upon the surface of what it can do and we have never invested the time and resources necessary to take our sites to the next level. Plug-ins are a big part of the power of WordPress and, thanks to Doug Broomfield of Veeple, we recently discovered a plug-in that simplifies the process of adding embed code to a WordPress sites.

With one file to add to the WordPress installation, Embed-It is a simple plug-in to install and to use. No longer does one have to go to the HTML code editor to add a video. Simply add a key by giving it a name in the format of HTML#, where # is from 1 to 9. Then, paste the embed code into the “value” field and click “add key”. With version 2.6.x of WordPress, it is necessary to repeat this previous step (i.e. paste the embed code into the value section) and press update. This glitch will hopefully be fixed in future versions of WordPress.Add the HMTL1 into the Key, then add the embed or HTML code

Then simply add the embed code by entering the value (e.g. [HTML1] into the editor. This can be repeated up to 9 times in one post.

 Add the [HTML1] tag shown at the bottom of this image

I am looking forward to trying this technique with embed code where I previously had issues. Thanks Doug for sending us this cool plug-in.

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