Enter a New Gateway

I recently had a chance to catch up with Robert Peterson and Jeff Christensen of Entry Point, LLC based in Idaho Falls and Salt Lake City. Entry Point is an early stage company with a gateway product capable of supporting so-called triple play services, as well as advanced broadband services such as smart meters, femtocells and home security. Designed especially for rural carriers and currently being tested with one of them, their approach to gateway design is predicated on the idea that the telco provides a high bandwidth pipe that can be partitioned to other service providers in such a way that the consumers, service providers and the telco all benefit.

Entry Point’s fundamental premise is that as bandwidth becomes plentiful the quality of the experience associated with particular services will become more important and an area where the telco can provide value. Implicit in this statement is that caching closer to the service providers’ location will become more important, as bandwidth demands increase. Based on ATM and MPLS, their gateway will be part of the network, allow cost recovery and will allow telcos to offer virtual networks to other service providers.



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