Eye Catchers at CES 2012

[Note:  this was originally published on 1/9/2012, updated on 1/25/2012 and 2/4/2012].

Glasses free 3D on an iPad or iPhone for only $30.  

Globalwave introduced sheets that turn screens from iPhone size to 23 inch that allow glasses-free 3D viewing.  Their “free” app can be found at http://www.pic-3d.jp

Photos from CES 2012 of products, services or just something interesting that caught my eye.

3D without Glasses
3D without glasses is getting closer to mainstream, as evidenced by the number of booths touting such advances.
Why look at a picture when you can print a 3D object. Priced around $1,299 and with cartridges around $3 to $4, 3D printing looks like it will move from the machine shop to the backyard workshop.
And another 3D printer - this one for about $3,000. Why limit yourself to plastic, how about printing chocolate or

Mobile DTV and its adoption by consumer electronic manufacturers and consumers was a major emphasis of a series of interrelated booths at CES 2012. It will be interesting to see how these efforts play out, both on a political and commercial level.

Mobile 500 -Alliance of broadcasters focused on creating and sourcing programming for Mobile DTV applications.
Of course, it would be good to be able to protect content, if one is going to charge for it.
Back to the future - Emergency alert via airwaves. Of course, couldn't this same thing be accomplished by via a broadcast SMS message with much less bandwidth?
Using DTV as an alternative to LTE or landline broadband for mobile signage applications
Viasat made waves with their low-cost satellite broadband for the home, but they have an equally compelling product for the jet set - Look for it in JetBlue planes.
Robots were everywhere - many used smartphones or equivalent as their "brains and sensors".
Wheels for feet
Interesting concept to augment short transit (<3 miles), but lots of questions as to the practicality
The booth with the best sign
My favorite booth for some reason
Is It a Wearable Computer or Virtual Reality? www.smart-goggles.com
Is It a Wearable Computer or Virtual Reality? SmartGoogles by Sensics - camera, sensors, speakers, earphones - give it connectivity and this Android 4-powered device will augment your
A wireless drone controlled by a wireless phone
Range about the same as WiFi, cost about $300 - A Wireless drone is cool, but an expensive toy from Parrot Wireless
What a cool promo from Nokia - a free bus ride from the airport to the hotel & you get to try the new Nokia Windows 7.5 phones via the T-Mobile Network. Very responsive and great display (worked well in daylight).

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