The Gee-Touch and More

Just before last Christmas, I asked the question, Where's the Gee-Touch? Based on the five handheld portable products that Archos is releasing in the next couple of months, the Gee-Touch appears to becoming a commercial reality.  With a $99.99, android-based media player that does email, web browsing, eBooks, 3D gaming and communicates via WiFi, Archos seems to have met my definition for what I called a Gee-Touch.

At the other end of the extreme, Archos will be introducing a 10.1” android device that has features such as a web cam, high definition playback, full Flash 10, the ability to tether a 3G phone (in those cases where WiFi is not available) and a 10-hour battery life. At $299.99 to $349.99, this could give both the iPad, as well as PC Notebook’s a run for their money. 

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