2011 Capturing the Heart of the Heartland Tour Overview

Picking up coal on a rural train track
Picking up coal on a rural train track

The 2011 ViodiTV Capturing the Heart of the Heartland Tour is about telling the stories of the people and companies that are bringing telecommunications to rural America and the positive impact these efforts are having on the people of their communities.  To see some of these stories that Viodi has captured in years past, please click on this link:

Watch – Stories from the Heartland

Tour Dates Are Limited – Reserve a Space Now

The 2011 tour will start in California with its midpoint in Minneapolis at the OPASTCO Summer Convention, July 25 to 28th.  The exact route is to be determined, so contact Viodi to reserve a tour stop at your community.   Click on the following link for more information.

Learn more about The Heartland Tour (right click to download pdf file)


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