History of Telecom DVD

History of Telecom in WisconsinADVERTISEMENT

Order copies of this 100 year anniversary documentary on the history of telecommunications in Wisconsin from Marianne Mullis at the WSTA. Price is $30 and includes highlights from the 100 year convention and past conferences.

The twelve minute documentary begins with the first telephones in Wisconsin. They were much like other phone lines across the country – direct lines from businesses to homes. Switchboards came quickly after, and in 1893, as the Bell patents expired, phone companies popped up across the country. This led to the organization of state associations like the WSTA.

The documentary includes interviews with current and retired industry people, book author Richard Cates with rural stories that inspire community, and special guest comments and narration by Tommy Thompson, former Governor of Wisconsin.

Takeaways from the documentary are the evolution of social networks that telecommunications technology enabled, innovation, community support, and overcoming adversity to provided advanced services across rural America.

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