Looking for Cool Stuff at CES!

Content PotpourriCool new gizmos and gadgets are always one of the attractions about CES. We are looking for gadgets and other interesting things that will affect the delivery of video over broadband and will be discussing whether these developments hurt or help the traditional ways of distributing video.

We will have a diverse panel of experts who will be adding insight at this preview of things that will be important at CES 2011.

This is an official call for suppliers of cool gadgets to reach out to us to see how you might participate in what promises to be a fun and interactive panel.

If you have a cool new gadget or service that you will be showing at CES 2011, please contact us using the form below:

The panelists for this interactive session include:

  • Rob Riordan, EVP of Cellcom, a cutting-edge, regional LTE/Cellular company in Green Bay, WI
  • Peter Redford, a serial entrepreneur, inventor and CEO of iLook.TV
  • Michael S. Kazmier, CTO of Avail-TVN, the largest independent digital media services company in North America

This session, held on January 5th from 12:25 to 1:10 PM at the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center,  will be a great way to get a preview of things at CES that can impact CSPs. The official description is as follows:

The proliferation of broadband-enabled consumer electronic devices allows any entity, whether retailer, CE manufacturer or someone out of their back bedroom, to become an over-the-top video provider. Does this development threaten or enhance the investments in video infrastructure made by Communications Service Providers? This session will address this question, as well the impacts of on Communications Service Providers regarding the innovative over-the-top video technologies and approaches found on the 2011 CES tradeshow floor.

To learn more about and see the rest of the agenda for the Broadband Unlimited Conference at CES, produced by Lightbulb Communications, please click here.  

To see an example of a panel we produced a couple of years ago with a similar idea, click here.

Submit your idea for a what would be a cool CES gadget for our panel by completing the following form or contacting us at 408 676 6496.

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