A Market-Based FCC?

The FCC released three studies regarding on the topic of licensed versus unlicensed spectrum. These could be very critical policy papers that shape the future of spectrum allocation and are important for Congress to read. Interesting timing, as their release comes during the 700 MHz bidding process. Of particular interest, is Working Report #43, which looks at the idea of using market-based mechanisms to designate particular blocks of spectrum as either unlicensed or licensed. Currently, this licensed or unlicensed designation is determined by administrative process that can be influenced by, as the FCC states in their press release, “interested parties.”

These reports look like they will be well worth additional study.  What is truly impressive is that Working Report #43 actually tries to speak to the language of the new generation with a Flash Video. It could use a voiceover, but it is a big improvement for the FCC and a step in the right direction for communicating to a broad audience.  

 Click here to see the FCC's Flash Video

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