Motion Pictures at 4G World

The last half of the 1800s brought pictures "to life" with the zoopraxiscope, kinetoscope, and the vitascope. These were the early days of moving pictures and Cinematographe.

The "Wheel of Life" Zoopraxiscope
PD Image from Wikipedia – view synchronization by Roger

Zoopraxiscope image

Although simple and presumably unrelated, the photo flip book below made me realize how life has changed and how amazing 4G really is. The booklet is a promotional item (look closely to see promotion text for Lotus), but it made me think. In the late 1800s, moving pictures and telephones were amazing, but they aren't anymore. The how, where, and when we talk or watch moving pictures today is amazing.

Photo Flip Book


I spent an afternoon at 4G World this week – about 120 years after a web of iron wires spread across the world and a time when vitascope wouldn't remind you of a mouthwash. I saw a light in WALL-E's eyes that could send millions of moving pictures for a mile or more. I recalled that the distant past was but a year or so ago and they called it 3G. It was fast, but not fast enough nor far enough. And the "can you hear me now" guy was replaced with a 4G test box (JDSU) that plots a map to where the box  "heard me now".

WALL-E's eyes were optical transceivers made by SkyFiber that use infrared light to send and receive 1Gbps of data through the air for over 1 miles. These are light waves that don't require licensing as it would with radio frequencies, and wouldn't you know it, Alexander Graham Bell created the Photophone in 1880, so the concept has been around for a while.

Jeffrey Powers,, and WALL-E like eyes

Wally Images

See Interview with Eliot Weinman, President, Events and Media Division, for Yankee Group below for an overview of 4G World. 4G is a great extension to the Internet and makes it contiguous. Voice, video, data, photos, socializing, games, news, television, searching, or finding your way are but applications or buttons on a device that is in the home, your pocket, or in your car.

Video Interview – Click Image

Image for Video

4G World had a good mixture of exhibits to get the big picture of all the elements behind the 4G network. It was a place to learn about the faster speeds and range with 4G (10-20 miles), testing for signal strength and plotting the results on a map, putting up the towers, the mobility of applications, the wide variety of applications,  the hardware, and the software.

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