Redefining SIP for TV

Will Richmond of VideoNuze wrote a good article today as to how people are consuming media differently than in years past.  He gives an example of how a not-so geeky friend of his is using his new HDTV monitor to consume multiple media types (video, text and audio) from multiple sources (e.g. the PC, Internet, cable, games, etc). 

His article is another proof point to an argument I first made in September at the Occam User’s Group and reiterated at last week’s OPASTCO Winter Convention, that today’s generation (which is increasingly becoming all of us), is all about SIP;

  • Socialization
  • Interactivity
  • Personalization

In other words, that new HDTV screen isn’t just for High Definition content, but for content delivered to us by whatever means the consumers wants and on their terms (e.g. on-demand). 

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