Video's for IP Possibilities e-Publication

ViodiTV Video’s for IP Possibilities e-Publication 2009


Viodi LLC. is teaming with IP Possibilities to provide sponsor highlights, and interview video’s for distribution in daily e-Publication’s during IP-Possibilities. Viodi will be… (1) promoting the sponsors prior to conference in Viodi View; (2) providing video’s for publication during the conference; and (3) posting the video’s on ViodiTV after the conference.

The benefits to participating in this include… (1) the audience reach with new media as the e-Publication will be e-mailed each day to over 5,500 people; (2) pre and post conference promotions will be included in Viodi View to reach another 3,000; (3) the VBlog posts on ViodiTV will reach thousands more; and (4) the video’s themselves can be searched for, on the web, plus embedded on sponsors site.

Sponsorships are limited. The video’s will be 2-3 minutes long with key points on the company, plus a take from the days events. A limited number are available for the 2 days. Video’s will be completed by late PM each day for posting in the IP Possibilities e-Publication the same evening.

IP Possibilities is produced by NTCA and OPASTCO.

Contact Roger Bindl at 608-268-5704 for more information. 

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