Thanks to Jari Aho for pointing out an excellent article/interview with Viodi View friend, Frank Bulk of Premier Communications, an independent telco in Iowa. Bulk provides a thoughtful and insightful analysis of the challenges of IPTV, especially as it relates to independent telcos.  He discusses the current state of the IPTV market, including missed promises, as well as the promise of IPTV standards and interoperability, especially as it relates to the independent telco sector.   

Aho has been an advocate for an open approach to IPTV as a way to address the IPTV issues identified by Bulk. This approach started at the municipal level in Sweden with the idea that the infrastructure should simultaneously be able to support multiple service providers.  Around 20 city networks have deployed the platform. Standards, interoperability and openness are a central tenet of the Basebox environment [now called].  Openchoice is reminiscent of the FCC Open Video System.  This might be an interesting approach for regional telco networks.  Click here to read an overview of the platform. 

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