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It’s 11 AM on Tuesday, 3/18 and I still haven’t made it to the VON conference, but it looks like the really big news is from the show’s organizer, Jeff Pulver.  He has co-founded a company, Prime Time Rewind, with Amit Shafrir which serves to aggregate network content that is already out available on the Internet.  

It looks like it does an automatic embed of content from sites like Hulu.   They haven’t published how they will monetize this service, but it looks to be advertising based.  One of the things I notice is that an ad for Pulver TV that could be sold to others. 

The "cube" navigation provides a 3-dimensional view of the content.  A user rotates the cube and to find a particular program on a given network or by category.   By becoming a member, one can customize the navigation to their liking.  The cube is only used for the first level of navigation.  After a show is selected, the navigation reverts to a 2-D view.  The navigation cube may be embedded on other web sites, as shown below.  

This is only an Alpha release, so it may not be perfect, but it points to where things are going with regards to broadband video.  


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