Smart Home Tour – Smart Idea


The problem with conferences is the sterile hotel environment that they typically occupy. Speakers talk about the networked-home at these confabs, but the discussions are somewhat theoretical as slide-ware, videos and exhibits are used to convey information. Rarely are these type of meetings held in the real world (Viodi’s Local Content Workshops being an exception, of course, as we go to where the telcos are that are producing local content). 

Parks Associates, in conjunction with HP, has put a unique spin on their upcoming CONNECTIONS Conference by providing tours of HP’s Smart Home. The CONNECTIONS conference is an excellent forum for seeing the latest in technology for home networking and associated services. The HP Smart Home looks to be an interesting venue to show off things like home automation, security, interactive video and other cool services. 

Independent Telcos, let me know if you are going to this conference and maybe we can have some sort of get together.     

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