Social Stories of Folly and Frustration

A Scrolling Blur?
A Scrolling Blur?

Facebook Follies

Just how valuable are those fleeting Facebooks posts so many businesses use to promote their product or message? The messages quickly disappear into a blog scroll longer than the Mississippi – with locks and dam obstacles to discourage anyone from ever trying to find significant information- so they tend to be more like missing links of Facebook follies in marketing strategies gone astray.

So what prompted that outcry? I was looking at a corporate website for information today – info that should have been on their website. The catch! It was on their Facebook page. I struggled to locate the information as I had to click “more stories” over and over and over again. I wouldn’t have even looked except I knew it was there; I’d seen it before. I was one of the few that had seen the fresh post before it got lost in the big scroll.

I wonder what will happen next, now that Google+ Pages are available.  Google seems to provide nice features and search will likely work better (although few will use it), but I wonder… Will companies jump ship and continue to ignore their websites focusing on social scrolls that end up in nowhere land?


Excited about You Who?

I’m often frustrated by the way people use social media, and I actually disliked YouTube for a long time (because of past revenue models), but now I’m getting excited. Being approved for ad revenue was a big reason, but another reason for my excitement is the timeline link. The timeline link gets viewers to a specific point in a video for immediate viewing. Time specific links could actually be a boom for using video more effectively as the links integrate into text stories very well. Here is an example using videos that have multiple messages, while linking to specific topics thanks to the timeline links.

I interviewed small town rural breweries at Great Taste of the Midwest. Tyranena talked of buying and supporting local, and how important the Internet is for their business. Central Waters heats with renewable energy and supports MREA. They also believe the Internet is extremely important for their business. Dave’s Brew Farm is as rural as you can get. Dave talks about how they depend on the Internet for doing business.

Maybe I’m overly optimistic, but I love the idea of reading about something and finding the exact point in a video that’s relevant to topic – assuming I want to visualize. It’s a way to filter the unnecessary. Youwho, or woohoo, I find it interesting.


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