ViodiTV is on Channel 59 at the Hilton!

ViodiTV at The Independent Show 2013Tonight’s coverage includes:

  • Rural challenges in the shadow of urban areas will be discussed by a long-time American Cable Association member and independent operator.
  • An analyst from a leading consumer research will talk about opportunities for operators in the connected home.
  • And there will be an exclusive interview with premium Over-the-Top, VOD provider; one that targets the jet-set crowd.

The hotel is looking into the noise issue….hopefully, just a loose “F” connector. The Hilton staff was amazingly responsive and the video is apparently working great on the in-room channels. If anyone has a picture of the channel as seen in a room, please send it to us at Also let us know what sort of coverage you would like to see on Monday and Tuesday night. Feedback is always appreciated.

Thanks again to  AXS TV and Viamedia for their advertising support to make ViodiTV at The Independent Show possible.


Viodi View – 07/26/13

Stretching beyond one’s comfort zone was the theme of a joint presentation I gave several years ago in San Diego. The theatrics employed for that presentation took me beyond my comfort zone. And a couple of years later, I wasn’t fully anchored in Anchorage when I moderated a panel featuring eight young, but very wise, people that turned into another career highlight. The uncertainty of working with youth and the unknown is a feeling I have again, as I prepare to bring ViodiTV to next week’s  The Independent Show in San Diego for the first time.

Organization Changing to Keep Up With the Industry

Ken Pyle interviews Jim Gleason at the 2013 ACA Summit.
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“The reasons to start it today are the same as they were 20 years ago,” said Jim Gleason of NewWave Communications.  Gleason was referring to the motivations for starting the American Cable Association. Although things have changed from a technology standpoint, the challenges of content access and costs of that content remain the same.

Click here to get an idea of what The Independent Show will be like from this interview filmed at the 2013 ACA Summit.

Analysis and Implications of Google’s Proposed Web TV Service by Alan Weissberger

A picture of scissors literally cutting a coaxial cable.
Cutting the Cord

Alan Weissberger provides his analysis of Google’s proposed web TV service in this article. It will be interesting to see how MSOs and Telcos react; especially if there  is a consolidated response from the cable industry. For instance, perhaps the MSOs would finally offer a nationwide Over-The-Top video service that would compete against themselves (as well as the Google-type offering), whereby each MSO would carve out revenue based on where the subscriber is.

Click here to read Alan’s analysis as well as the comments that follow.

Set-Top on a Stick (or Will the Real Chromecast Please Stand Up)

An image of a set-top on a stick from CES.
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The device described in this video from CES looks an awfully lot like Google’s just announced Chromecast. Watch the video to hear TVF’s approach for eliminating the set-top box. Their set-top is similar in size to a USB stick and connects to an IPTV system via integrated WiFi and to the TV via HDMI. It uses the USB power from the television set, eliminating the need for an AC input. Further, it has a corresponding application that allows one’s smart phone to serve as a remote control. TVF is looking to service providers to distribute the product. Based on android, it promises to make any TV, a smart TV.

Click here to view.

VZW Challenges AT&T’s Claim to Fastest & Most Reliable 4G-LTE Network in the U.S. by Alan Weissberger

Cell Tower
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AT&T’s new ads, which claim it has the “most reliable” 4G network, are based on “independent third-party data,” the company says. AT&T claims it has the top success rate for delivering mobile content to its 4G network users, but hasn’t identified how that’s been proven or justified.

Click here to read the entire post and the comments that follow.

A Steady Mobile Payments Wave

Ken Pyle interviews Jennifer Kent of Parks Associates at CONNECTIONS at CTIA.
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The NFC (Near Field Communications, not National Football Conference) wave for payments is on the horizon. As Parks Associates’ Jennifer Kent suggests in the above video interview, progress on mobile payments is steady. An initiative to convert payment terminals to include NFC capability (EMV) by 2015 will be a big driver for mobile payments at the retail level from mobile phones and devices.

Click here to view and read more.

ViodiTV at The Independent Show in 30 Seconds

An image of the type of programming that will appear at The Independent Show.
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Cramming two to three hours into 30 seconds was the opportunity given to me. The above video is the result of that opportunity and will be part of the reel that is played on the televisions in various common areas at The Independent Show next week.

ViodiTV will be on channel 59 of the conference hotel, the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, and this 30 second spot is a great chance to let attendees know about the channel. The above attempts to show the essence of ViodiTV and the programming that will air next week. We are looking forward to airing exclusive content dealing with topics as varied as the brain-controlled user interface to an update on a green marketing programming.

Thanks ACA and NCTC for your support and encouragement in launching ViodiTV for the first time at The Independent Show. And thanks to our advertisers, AXS TV and Viamedia, as without their help, ViodiTV at The Independent Show wouldn’t be possible.

If you are a vendor looking to standout from the crowd, there is still time to advertise and let people know why they should visit your booth.

ViodiTV on Channel @ Broadband Communities

A screenshot of a television in the hotel at the Addison, TX, Intercontinental Hotel.
Channel 2 at the Broadband Communities Summit – Thanks Matrix Design Group and M3 Multifamily Media Management, LLC

ViodiTV is currently playing on channel 2 of the Intercontinental’s in-room cable television system. Thank you to Matrix Design Group and M3 Multifamily Media Management, LLC for making this year’s coverage possible.

Thanks to Broadband Communities for supporting Viodi at their very important event, which features speakers from telecom operators, suppliers, property owners, investors, regulators and lawmakers. This four-day conference provides a great overview of what is going on in the telecom industry.

Tonight’s content on the ViodiTV channel includes:

  • An exclusive video overview of a Canadian municipal operator that is deploying fiber to the home to help create a sustainable future.
  • A broadband venture that is using local investors to bootstrap the deployment of an all fiber network in rural Vermont.
  • A $500 per movie VOD system – yes, $500, that wasn’t a typo. This is a system that has to be seen; and the place to see is on ViodiTV at the 2013 Broadband Communities Summit tonight.

Stay tuned for coverage from the 2013 Broadband Communities Summit tomorrow night.

Lastly, have ideas for things you would like ViodiTV to cover at this event, please drop us a comment below.

Viodi View – 05/04/12

Donut Holes in the Land of Lincoln

After the dust settles on the transition from a POTS-centric, USF/Intercarrier Compensation to a broadband-centric/Connect America Fund approach for rural telecom, will the traditional definition of an incumbent still be valid? That is, if an entity other than the incumbent telco is already supplying broadband to a given area, should that entity be considered the incumbent? More importantly, which entity should be entrusted with support dollars to serve those areas that would otherwise be un-served?

Example of a use-case for broadband mapping initiative

Drew Clark, Executive Director of the Partnership to Connect Illinois, indicates that the PCI maps are constantly being updated in a crowd-sourced manner. It is a continual process for this NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) designated broadband mapping entity. Mapping broadband availability throughout the Land of Lincoln and feeding that information back to businesses and others that can use it to make decisions on where to locate is the focus of the PCI, as explained by Clark.  Click here to read more and view the video interview with Clark.

Ensuring a Level Playing Field

Former RUS Administrator Hilda Legg on the current state of USF and RUSHow do you evaluate loan applications when as much as 25% cashflow from 70% of your loan portfolio is at risk? Hilda Legg, former RUS Administrator, asks this question with regards to RUS and how it is impacted by the transition of USF to the Connect America Fund.

In this interview, Legg discusses USF, particularly from the perspective of the issues it raises for the RUS as well as the impact it has on incumbent operators’ capital plans. She also alludes to the session at the 2012 Broadband Communities Summit she organized with Wiley Rein’s Thomas Navin on this very important and timely topic. Click here to view part 1 of this two-part video.

Documonials to Inform, Inspire and Promote

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Press and conference organizers; contact us if you need video for your web sites or conferences.

Fiber Through the Decades…..

The high-level concepts for how to deploy Fiber to the Home have been around for decades. It is the process and incremental improvements in technology that has expanded the use of fiber from specialized to mass application. We caught up with Ron Cassel of Matrix Design Group who talks about a rural Vermont fiber project that required out-of-the-box thinking and delving into decades of fiber experience to keep this particular project viable.

On a personal note, what a pleasant surprise to catch up with Ron at the 2012 Broadband Communities Summit, as we had worked together on the first digital video, CATV fiber transport project way back when. Click here to view this video interview.

A Primer on a Fiber Primer

City of Winthrop and area's fiber plansMark Erickson, the City Administrator and Economic Development Director for the City of Winthrop, MN, discusses a municipal/county project to bring fiber to the premise in their rural region.  The expansion of the scope of the project was breaking news at the 2012 Broadband Communities Summit.  The Blandin Foundation, an entity familiar to ViodiTV viewers, helped get this project started.

He explains how the Broadband Communities Primer was instrumental in helping raise awareness of and explaining the benefits to the project.  Click here to view.

 The Apartment of the Future; Today

In this brief video, filmed at the 2012 Broadband Communities Summit, Andie Garcia of Verizon Enhanced Communities demonstrates an example of a feature of the apartment of the future; that is available today. Garcia shows the type of broadband application and devices that allow owners to enhance the value of their property.  Tom Nugent of Verizon Enhanced Communities hints at other Verizon Enhanced Communities’ applications that increase property energy efficiency and provide concierge services as well.  Click here to view.

Thank you Verizon Enhanced Communities for sponsoring ViodiTV on the hotel channel at the 2012 Broadband Communities Summit.

Microsoft, HP and SalesForce Assess Key Cloud Computing Issues by Alan Weissberger

TiE Cloud Event
TiE Cloud Event

At the April 12, 2012 TiE Cloud meeting in Santa Clara, CA, three leading Cloud Service Providers presented their views as to where the cloud industry is now and where it’s going.  Microsoft, HP and Salesforce are each addressing a different segment of the cloud market with what they believe are compelling value propositions for their customers.

Some of the issues they addressed included: changing business models, cloud advantages, cloud bursting, defacto cloud standards (e.g. Amazon AWS API’s), cloud developer support programs, evolving operations needs for cloud deployments and the viability of telcos as cloud service providers.  Click here to read the rest of the article and the associated comments.

Some Tweets and Short Thoughts:

  • “Mobile Patent War” to be explored at May 9 IEEE ComSocSCV Meeting – important topic and great speaker line-up
  • 24 Hour Patient Care: Video interview regarding remote health care, particularly with regards to seniors
  • Most impressive-116 of the 118 hires are still there. It starts with their great leader – “Automattic Grows Up….
  • B4RN- “Going where Telcos fear to tread,” in England. $50 per gigabit. Everyone wants to be involved. Listening to presentation right now at 2012 Broadband Communities Summit
  • Tune in to channel 2 on the Intercontinental Hotel for coverage of the Broadband Communities 2012 Summit.

The Korner – IP at the Bar and TV is Everywhere

IP at the Bar
IP at the Bar

Sports fans at the JW Marriott had to be a bit disappointed as the TV channel in the bar was briefly changed from exciting playoff hockey to exciting coverage of the 2012 IP Possibilities Convention and Expo. Video coverage of the event was featured on channel 64 of the host hotel’s cable network.  This is the ViodiTV version of multiscreen video as we were on the hotel TV channel, at the bar and online as well.

Click here to view the video.

The National Broadband Plan Was Top of Mind

Bill Hegmann of NECA on ViodiTV

It is only two years ago that the talk of the MTA’s Annual Convention was the stimulus and last year the buzz was about the broadband plan that was one of the outcomes of the stimulus legislation. This year, talk kept coming back to implementation of the broadband plan. Bill Hegmann, Chairman of NECA, provided an entertaining review of how the plan was developed. He implored the industry to make their voices heard by continuing to work together as the process shifts from plan to implementation.

Both Randy Tyree of OPASTCO and Mike Romano of NTCA discussed some of the near term Notice of Proposed Rule Making that they are responding to, including one that deals with issues that have festered for a long-time, such as phantom traffic. Other near-term NPRMs deal with contributions and the transition to a broadband plan. Our exclusive interviews with Hegmann, Romano and Tyree will air at the hotel channel at IP Possibilities in Kansas City, April 12 to 14.

Slip Sliding Away from Developed Country Status

In his talk at MTA and in our video interview, Romano called the surge in non-completed calls to rural areas, “An epidemic.” NTCA is working with the industry to quantify the scope of the problem. Quantifying the problem is a challenge, as it requires customers to report an issue, which many probably perceive to be a dropped wireless call. In conversations I had with various telcos, this is a real problem and, as Romano indicated, could have serious repercussions if the uncompleted call is to a public safety agency.

One respected engineer, whose company calls many rural telcos everyday as part of their customer support, said the problem has been so bad that his company has had to send emails to their customers requesting that the customer call them. He suggested that the problem has to do with Least Call Routing and the call-signaling end up in some sort of open loop that never closes.

A thread in this enlightening forum suggests that one provider just doesn’t want to pay interconnect fees that reflect the higher costs associated with rural exchanges.  It is somewhat ironic, that, while so many smart people are trying to come up with a transition to an all-broadband infrastructure, the voice network, that was the rock of reliability, moves towards chaos.

The Stimulus Kicks In, But What Now

Several people indicated that the stimulus money is starting to flow to their projects or their clients’ projects. It also appears as if the RUS build-out rules have been relaxed somewhat.  The 3-year build out requirement will now be based on clock on when the government releases funding, not when they issued the award. This is important, as the timelines for the stimulus projects are generally tight.

The question is what to do after one gets broadband? We have several video interviews, with operators and others, from the MTA show which highlight some creative ways they are driving the use of broadband in rural areas. From rehabilitating old computers to driving tele-work opportunities, rural operators are working with other groups to drive economic development and stronger communities through the use of broadband.

Broadband Reform and More – Ch 16 & 40


Day 2 of ViodiTV at MTA Is on the air.  In order to see this exclusive video coverage, you have to be at this event and staying at the convention hotels.

Today, we have interviews with Bill Hegmann of NECA talking about the broadband plan, Mike Romano of NTCA calling for broadband operators to tell their story to the FCC and Dave Bickett of Park Region Mutual Telephone discussing the telework conference they organized.

We also got a sneak peak behind a brand new web site with a simple premise.  More on that later.

In the meantime, watch coverage on channel 16 at the Millenium Hotel and channel 40 on the Hyatt’s cable system.

ViodiTV is On at MTA – Ch 16 & 40


We just gave tonight’s ViodiTV program to the hotel to run on its internal channel.  We have a collection of material from previous MTA events, as well as some favorites from recent shows and an interview with Everett Christensen talking about his book “60-40 or Fight.”

Tomorrow night, we will air the second part of this two-part interview.  Looking forward to interviews with various speakers at the conference.  We will air a segment tomorrow in line with the show’s theme of, ” We’ve got an app for that.”

Watch ViodiTV coverage on channel 16 at the Millenium and channel 40 at the Hyatt.

In the meantime, let us know what coverage you would like to see.


ViodiTV Web SiteViodiTV is the online presence for Viodi's video coverage of trade show events.  Viodi has produced hundreds of hours of video from trade shows such as the MTA, CES, Parks Associates, Broadband Properties, OPASTCO, NTCA and the Media Innovation Summit.  In addition to tradeshow coverage, Viodi produces tutorial, testimonial and executive interviews and others videos for companies large and small.  ViodiTV is also a channel that has appeared in hotels associated with tradeshows, such as OPASTCO, Broadband Properties and MTA.  

ViodiTV – Day One @ OPASTCO


A large library of content overcomes multiple flight delays. Let me explain what this fragment means. Roger was supposed to arrive in Seattle from Madison around noon today. Unfortunately, airplane mechanical problems delayed his arrival until around 5:30.

The good news is that he had enough material to create a best of ViodiTV reel that provides highlights from last year’s show as well as features from other shows we have attended. He was able to burn a DVD on the fly at the airport.

Of particular interest, is the interview with Wilfred Martis of Intel and his suggestion that the minimum speed for broadband is 10 Mb/s. His statement could have huge policy implications given that the FCC says that 4 Mb/s is enough for rural America.

The other thing that I notice is that video is still a TV experience. Watching it on the big screen makes the content fresh again and truly a lean back experience. It is also easier to see spelling errors, such as “wathing”, instead of “watching.”

It’s also easier to see my many verbal miscues. I also wonder why one of the speakers attibuted redistribution of wealth to Adam Smith. Why I didn’t pick up on that in our interview is beyond me.

The other defect, that some may notice and that you just don’t see anymore in digital systems, is analog noise (I attempted to capture with the above photo of the TV). It is particularly bad on channel 62 on the hotel’s analog cable network. Oh well, hopefully, no one will tune away because of the squigley lines.

So, that is it for Sunday, here at OPASTCO. Please let us know what interviews you would like us to get (either by coming up to us at the convention or responding to this post).