The Voice Controlled TV Remote

Motorola Cliq image courtesy of Motorola.

With $129 Android tablets on sale at the virtual corner drugstore, the idea of what a remote control is, may soon radically change.  Innovative Systems is living up to their name by showing innovative new features on their IPTV platform at this week's TelcoTV tradeshow.  

One feature that I want them to demonstrate to me is the use of an Android device as a voice-controlled, television remote control.  Yes, that is right, what one company spent tens of millions of dollars to create last decade, is now feasible using an add-on application to an operating system that is moving beyond the phone; channel changes by simply speaking into the microphone.

Innovative Systems will also be demonstrating their middleware with Amino's latest set-top boxes, the the A140 and A540.  This combination of Innovative Systems and Amino really starts to become interesting, as Innovative Systems promises integration with Amino's future Freedom hybrid/OTT media center.  Amino's Freedom media center supports Nokia's Mee-Go and GoogleTV platforms, which offer ways to blend over-the-top content onto the television.

In addition to the  voice-controlled, TV remote application, Innovative Systems will demonstrate integrated DRM (Verimatrix), IPTV customer support tools and integration of voice and broadband services operating on their APMAX system, eliminating the multiple servers that would be required for services that would have traditionally been in separate silos.  In a separate release, Innovative Systems announced the purchase of the 403rd APMAX since its release less than three years ago.

I look forward to testing Innovative Systems' voice-controlled remote at this week's TelcoTV conference.  I will really be impressed if it finds ViodiTV, based on a voice command.  

Image courtesy of Motorola

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