Tonight's ViodiTV Programming on the Hilton's Channel 59

Ken Pyle interviews Jaime Montes at Viamedia's booth at The Independent Show
Ken Pyle interviewing Jaime Montes of SureWest at Viamedia’s booth at The Independent Show, 2013 – Photo courtesy of Becky Jones

Tonight’s coverage includes:

  • An independent operator talks about his program to give his customers a green option.
  • And, appropriately enough, from Silicon Valley we will see brain-power as the next-generation user-interface.
  • There will also be an exclusive discussion about a new revenue opportunity that could be of great benefit to relatively small operators.
  • & much more

Phrase of the day (new to me) – “Cableization of the Internet” – which refers to the tying and bundling of broadband video program with traditional CATV programming (e.g., similar to what happens with cable channels in a franchised video service).

Thanks again to the ACA and NCTC for their support in making the channel possible and to AXS TV and Viamedia for their advertising support to make ViodiTV at The Independent Show possible.

Stay tuned for more coverage tomorrow night.

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