You Might Not See This, If You Answered No

I like the look of the Minnesota Telecom Alliance's revamped web site (I know, the renovation took place months ago).  One of the things that caught my eye today was a real-time poll they had asking the simple question, "Do you use Twitter?"  Presumably, the people taking the poll are primarily people who work for independent telcos.  When I took the poll earlier today the results were as follows:

  • 8% (7 Votes) use it for personal use
  • 13% (11 votes) use if for work
  • 71% (59 votes) don't use it at all
  • 7% (6 votes) ask, 'What is it?'

Not certain what this unscientific poll data means, other than most people responding to the poll either don't know what it is, don't use it or use it only for work.  I fall into the 13% category and use it only for professional reasons (I do find it an interesting way to get tidbits of insight from my.friends and colleagues).  Clearly, the tweet phenomenon has uses and has some use, but will it be the long-term offering or will it be just a feature or fad?   Interestingly, assuming the MTA sample cuts across independent telcos in the same way, then 78% of the people who I might want to see this post, won't be get a notification from Twitter indicating this post is available.  

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  1. People have always been curious, so even if Twitter is a fad I think it will likely be replaced by something else. In my documentary research I've come to realize we've had social networks since the beginning of telephones… they called it rubbering, or rubbernecking. It was somewhat addicting and people gave it up for Lent. Some thought it took more time than watching TV. It provided emergency help as people listening in on party line conversations would often come to rescue before the called party – vet, doctor, or others.

    I voted no. I'm actually avoiding Twitter. I didn't do much rubbernecking during the party line days, so maybe I'm just not that interested in telling all or listening to everyone talking and tweeting all day. By the way, I think something will replace Twitter. It's bound to. Otherwise we'd still be listening in on party lines.

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