Tidbits from a U-verse Customer


So I am standing in the return line at a major Silicon Valley, big box retailer last night and a conversation with a late twenty-something guy, who is standing next to me, ensues. As it turns out, he is a current customer of AT&T’s U-verse IPTV service. Like my earlier video interview with uVerse customer Mark Snow, he seemed to be most impressed with the value of the service – i.e. how much he got for what he pays. 

He was impressed with the number of channels he receives and was especially pleased that the NFL Network was included as part of the bundle and didn’t require an additional charge like Comcast’s service does. Quality of the service did not seem to be an issue, although he did lament that he could not have two DVRs. He also complained that the VOD offering was nearly as broad as what Comcast offers. 

As far as new features, he says his girlfriend is the one who actively programs the DVR. He believed it was possible program the DVR by cell phone, but said they had never tried this feature, as they didn’t see any reason to do so. He also thought that the AT&T salesman had told of him a feature which he didn’t believe was possible (his words were “BS”). The feature was multiple viewpoints, where the customer could pick the camera angles. I told him that will be possible at some point. He expressed his desire to use this sort of feature for sporting events. 

Overall, he seemed to have a favorable impression of the service, as he expressed disappointment that he will not be able to receive it when he moves a few miles away from his current residence. 

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