Viodi View – 10/15/08 Issue

Leverage is a key to local content. Some would call it monetizing assets, but the bottom line is that it is important for independent telcos to be able to do a lot with a little. Roger Bindl has been leveraging his assets the past few weeks in the form of video content that will air in multiple places around the Internet, including Screenplays Magazine.

WSTA 2008 Fall Conference Highlights – The Video

Click here to watch video coverage of the WSTA Fall 2008 Conference brought to you by Martin Group Bindl’s video highlighting the Wisconsin State Telephone Association’s 2008 Fall Conference can be found by clicking here. Speakers include Michael Greeson of The Diffusion Group, who spoke on the evolving patterns of television viewing; Steve Collier of Milsoft Utility Solutions and his comments on rapidly evolving and new technologies; Katie Johnson of Cronin Communications providing tips on marketing in slow economic times; and Scott Meyer of Innovative Systems who provided insight regarding the panel of youth he moderated. The conference wraps up with a show by ventriloquist James Wedgwood.

WSTA Coverage brought to you by WSTA Fall 2008 Annual coverage brought to you by Martin Group

Nokia Siemens at WiMax 2008

Click here to watch video highlights from WiMax 2008Nokia Siemens Networks shows an array of 4G products ready to go home and mobile for voice, video, and data. These video highlights were commissioned by and brought to you by Nokia-Siemens. Roger Bindl filmed and edited these videos in conjunction with Fred Dawson of Screenplays Magazine.

Wireless Updates from San Jose and Chicago – By Alan J. Weissberger

While Roger was in Chicago providing video coverage of the WiMax 2008 forum, Alan Weissberger compares and contrasts some of the announcements at that event with US Telecom’s 2nd Annual Executive Business Forum. WiMax is not the only game in town as Weissberger points out that Link Hoewing, Verizon’s VP of Internet and Technology Policy, stated that Verizon Wireless plans to roll out LTE in early 2010 (that’s about 18 months from now!) with, "possibly 75M bit/sec downstream rate." Click here to read the rest of Weissberger’s observations and commentary from these two important wireless events.

Positive Signs and Positive Cashflow from One Telco

Jeff Gardner, CEO of Windstream Communications, opened his keynote speech at U.S. Telecom’s Executive Business Forum with a note of appreciation to US Telecom for getting behind what he termed, “credit stabilization legislation.” These opening comments set the theme for his talk, which was primarily about the financial condition of his company. In doing so, he provided insight into Windstream’s thoughts on the basic business, but also on topics such as wireless and IPTV. Click here to learn more about Windstream, as well as what Gardner sees for its future. 

Embed It – Video Embeds Made Easy

Viodi is hooked on WordPress. WordPress has been an amazing tool for managing hundreds of posts on ViodiTV and Viodi View over the past 20+ months. As an open source system, it has given us an amazing amount of flexibility and made us more efficient. Still, we are just touching the surface of what WordPress can do and we have never invested the time and resources necessary to take our sites to the next level. Click here to read more about a very useful plug-in that advances this low-cost content management system another step.

The Korner – Power to the Veeple

Unfinished business causes stress. That message is the one and only thing I remember from a high school psychology class. It occurs to me quite often when I am working on the Viodi View, as I have many unfinished stories that are now collecting cobwebs in the outer reaches of my hard-drive and my capacity-challenged cranium. Once in awhile, however, I can’t finish a story because of technical problems or I don’t have a good way to weave my content into an original story line. 

In the previous issue, I thought I had the perfect article, as I was going to be able to do a review, while using video testimonials to promote ViodiTV. These videos of Cullen McCarty of Smithville Telephone and John Rose of OPASTCO had been sitting on my hard-drive since July looking for a reason to be uploaded to ViodiTV. Click here to read the Veeple review

I thought I had the perfect story with Veeple, as I was able to upload videos and create interactive elements within those videos. Try as I might, I could not embed them in ViodiTV or the Viodi View, so I ended up missing the Viodi View publishing deadline. Fortunately, the Veeple people wouldn’t let me give up and they showed me a relatively easy way to extend ViodiTV through a simple plug-in.

Viola, in this issue, we review this service that combines video hosting, content management, interactive players and advanced analytics allowing anyone to add their web site. What makes this site different is the amount of control given to the content owner; control over playback, interactivity and monetization of their video content. Click here to learn more and view a couple of sample videos that shamelessly promote ViodiTV.

And speaking of shameless promotion and leverage, this is the last chance to register for Viodi’s Local Content Workshop in Minneapolis next Monday. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend, so Roger, with the help of some friends, will be leading this look at how to create content on a shoestring and why its important element of a marketing program. Roger has become quite skilled in his filming, directing and editing and will have some good insight.

click here to register for the Viodi Local Content Workshop in Minneapolis on Monday October 20, 2008

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