Viodi View – 01/18/13

IOT – the Internet of Things is a hot buzzword and understandably so, given that we are on the cusp of an explosion of low-cost sensing capabilities. As suggested in a Forbes article, combining ubiquitous sensing and ubiquitous telecommunications will create a planet-wide, central nervous system. This sort of inter-connectivity was evident in many of the products and services demonstrated at last week’s International CES.

An image from the floor at CES.
Image from the floor at CES

Putting the “P” in CES

The International CES used to be called the Consumer Electronics Show, but in many ways it is probably appropriate that the CEA removed the term Consumer from the name. This show is so big, that it is easy to have expectations of huge announcements that immediately transform society. What excites me, however, are the incremental developments that offer the potential to improve the quality of life and make for a better world; instead of the C standing for consumer, perhaps the focus should be on P for people. Click here to view the Viodi summary video of this big event.

An image of the protected web site for ViodiTV CES video coverage.
CES Coverage Web Site

More CES Videos

  • Interesting interview, filmed and edited by Viodi, with Michael Strobers of Turner talking about how they are using 2nd screen to create richer stories. Using Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) systems they see the 2nd screen as a way to strengthen their relationships with sponsors and viewers.
  • Need content for your local content operation? We have a number of interviews and demonstrations from CES that could fit with a local technology show. Contact us at for licensing information.

Some Tweets and Short Thoughts:

  • Here is TV – Bruce Eisen’s latest venture provides a straightforward way to help viewers filter through thousands of television shows. Delivered as a daily email, this could be an interesting add-on service for operators wanting to simplify the customer experience.
  • Thanks Erin for organizing the great Raynet reunion last night. It was fun to catch up and turn the gears of time back 20 years and talk of what was, what is and what ifs (If Murph and I only had pursued the pizza and movie delivery service back then, instead of going down the VOD path……). Best of all, it was great to reconnect with some of the people who are part of the thread of a lifetime.
  • More Spectrum – everything you wanted to know about the reverse auctions for the broadcast spectrum can be found at this new FCC web site. –
  • Internet of Things – Turkcell reports a 5% water usage reduction because of Machine to Machine monitoring and control to the 1,200 businesses in the Kocaeli region of Turkey. They are planning to expand monitoring of this precious commodity to the residences in the area.

The Korner – Fiber to an Unusual Place

The image shows an ONT on the side of a building.
Fiber to an Unusual Place

Channeling our inner Bob Eubanks, a question we often asked service providers last year was, “Where was the most unusual place you have deployed fiber optics?” One of the more interesting answers was from Home Telecom’s Will Helmly who described their fiber to the septic tank project. We were lucky enough to capture the essence of that project in an interview with him.

This was the first of several videos we edited for Home Telecom and that have been published on Home Telecom’s YouTube channel. First and foremost the stories from Home Telecom, like so many other locally owned telecom companies, are about the importance of having people in the community to make things happen. As shown by this Fiber to the Septic tank story, the Internet of Things may be ready, but it still needs people and their vision to bring the IoT to life.

Click here to read more and view the video.

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