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An image of Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the FCC,.
FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler (image courtesy of

All-IP Network Transition Plan at FCC’s Jan 30th Open Commission Meeting by Alan Weissberger

With all the noise of International CES, it was easy to overlook Tom Wheeler’s first sojourn into Silicon Valley since becoming FCC Chairman. Alan Weissberger reports on Wheeler’s comments about the transition to IP. Wheeler also suggested that spectrum management needs to keep up with the analog to digital transition.

Click here to read Weissberger’s take on Wheeler’s talk as it relates to the transition to IP.

Net Neutrality Ruling – The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning? by Alan Weissberger

An image showing a race between a horse drawn and steam powered trains in 1830.
2nd Generation Network

In his January 8th speech at the Computer History Musuem (CHM), F.C.C. Chairman Tom Wheeler said we were in the midst of a transition to a “4th Generation Network” which had an “Open Internet” as it’s foundation. The concept of net neutrality– where there are no privileges or added costs or special deals for high bandwidth media/content delivery companies – was clearly implied.

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An Indestructible Wireless Broadband Network for All – Part 2

Rajeev Krishnamoorthy and Devabhaktuni Srikrishna discuss possible pilot projects for testing the SocialMesh Network concept.
Possible SocialMesh Pilot Projects

“There are better ways of assuring very high reliability and very high quality of service than selling spectrum,” said Rajeev Krishnamoorthy. He was referring to the idea that allowing radios to self-organize will provide a more efficient use of spectrum than through existing allocation methods. Devabhaktuni Srikrishna points out that their modeling suggests that this approach to spectrum allocation could double the throughput to existing networks.

Click here to view Krishnamoorthy and Srikrishna’s ideas for possible pilots projects for moving the SocialMesh network concept forward.

From Connected to Selfie

Stuart Sikes gives his thoughts on what he saw at CES 2014.
From Connected to Selfie

With a record two million net square feet of exhibit space housing more than 3,200 exhibitors, CES was literally bigger than ever. Sorting through the 40+ interviews will take a while, that’s why this first interview with Stuart Sikes of Parks Associates is an important one, as he provides an excellent overview of this conference. Although there may not have any a single revolutionary announcement from CES, the evolutionary progression of technology shown in so many of the exhibits makes a strong case that we are in a brave new world.

Click here to view and read more.

Some Tweets and Short Thoughts:

  • Wheeler makes the point that 19.4 Mb/s throughput can be provided on one 6 MHz channel. The reality is that the more this 6 MHz can be reused (e.g. through small cells or peer-to-peer in a social mesh configuration) with higher order modulation to increase throughput many time over what could be achieved from a single broadcast antenna.
  • Wheeler states – “The analog inspired spectrum silos have become an impediment to advancement…….Slavishly sticking to analog age concepts of spectrum allocation can become, in the digital age, a government imposed choke point that burdens competition and innovation by creating unnecessary and artificial scarcity of this essential resource.”
  • My idol – “Cheapest CEO in America” continues to reinvest in his community. FCC: Kierlan now owns 61% of HBC.
  • Stay tuned for the next issue of the Viodi View to see the connection between SJ Sharkie (the San Jose Sharks’ mascot) designing a playground and rural telecom.

The Korner – Monitoring the Man Cave

Man Cave Monitoring

There weren’t enough issues of the Viodi View to publish all the videos we produced in 2013 under the ViodiTV moniker. Hence, in the January 3rd issue of the Viodi View, there were four videos that, although personally appealing, didn’t have a close tie with rural telecom providers. Thus, it was a pleasant surprise at CES to run into a group of people who had seen these videos. More importantly, the manager of the rural telecom carrier for which they worked, sent them to CES based on the last year’s ViodiTV coverage of this.

Which brings us to this video from CES 2014, where we learn about how one man’s children were vampires of sorts, sneaking into his man cave and using his electronic gizmos while he was away. Jay Kenney, Vice President of Marketing for explains how their service helped save the man cave from expensive electricity bills. Their solution will also be very useful for when that man’s kids grow up to be tomorrow’s adventurous teens.

Click here to view a not so-obvious application for home energy management.

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