Viodi View – 01/22/10

Navin Johnson– I couldn’t help but think of Steve Martin’s unconscious incompetent character from the classic film The Jerk, while at the recently held Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. As you may recall, Navin Johnson stumbled into success and fortune by inventing a pair of glasses that would not slip off one’s nose. It was a hit with the public, until Carl Reiner’s character led a class action suit that claimed that Johnson's invention caused people to go cross-eyed. Go to the Korner to read the rest my reactions to the 3DTV demonstrations and talk at CES.

Kurt Scherf at CESConnected TVs and Ready for 3D

Kurt Scherf, Vice President and Principal Analyst for Parks Associates, summarizes the panels he hosted on the connected home and 3DTV at CES2010. He talks about the proliferation of connected televisions; he estimates 30 million of the TVs sold this year will be Internet ready. He points out that these connections will go beyond entertainment and include other applications, such as health care and energy management. He also provides his sage thoughts on 3DTV, as well as the general mood of the consumer.

Two common themes throughout the Parks Associates' conference were the importance of simplicity for the user and the infiltration of cloud computing, regardless of industry segment. Scherf suggests that the cloud computing approach could help service providers and manufacturers simplify things for the consumer. 

Tricia Parks of Parks and AssociatesThe Consumer in 2010 – WOPH is Me and a Lot of Other People

Tricia Parks, CEO and Founder of Parks Associates, discusses her research into consumer behavior surrounding the purchase of electronic equipment. The shift in the last couple of years has been away from the impulse buy to a more studied purchase. Going into 2010, she suggests that consumers are still uncertain about the future, although things have stabilized somewhat from a year ago; she suggests that consumers are Worried, Optimistic, Pessimistic and Hopeful (WOPH). She does suggest there are opportunities for manufacturers and service providers in 2010, especially for those product categories that have low NPS (Net Promoter Score) or poor word of mouth.

One Bright Spot from Haiti

In November, we featured a video with David Lewis of TCA, who explained his efforts to bring telecommunications and computers to Haiti. He reports minimal earthquake damage to the village and small town that have been the focus of his efforts, although from increased crime, gasoline shortages and frozen bank accounts are affecting everyone. One bright spot is that the Internet Café’ he installed is one of the few places available to access the Internet and make phone calls. Lewis suggested the best way to help is by donating through reputable financial organizations.

A Sound Way to Donate

Daniel Rudd, owner of Stock20, has a great deal all around. For $189, you can buy 1,629 individual tracks of royalty free music, which is great for scoring any sort of video track. He is giving $40 from every sale to the Red Cross for Haiti relief efforts. Last month, a similar promotion brought in over $1,600 for the Heifer organization. You can give a listen to this music library by going to  This promotion ends before Monday, January 25th.

Navin White Clone?The Korner – 3DTV Ready or Not?

As I donned various forms of 3D glasses at trade show booths around the CES convention floor, in the back of my mind was Navin Johnson's downfall and whether there are any long-term health related issues to living in a virtual 3D world. When it comes to viewing 3D, it is not a gimmick like White’s glasses and it will eventually develop into a mainstream living room entertainment option. The quality of the video that I saw at CES was simply amazing. Click here to see a brief video that shows one of the many views of 3D from the CES tradeshow floor. 

Whoa, hold your early adoption horses, we have a chasm to cross…..

3DTV Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

3ality Sure, the images look great on the tradeshow floor and the device ecosystem seems to be coming together very nicely, but are we looking at a market where the products are a bit ahead of the mainstream consumer?  In reality, 2010 is probably not the year of 3DTV, but maybe it will be remembered as the year that 3DTV was hyped.  There are a number of reasons to be skeptical of the hype and Howard Postley of 3ALITY Digital Productions provides enlightening insight in this video interview shot at Parks Associates Connections Conference at CES.  Click here to watch the video interview with Howard Postley.  

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