Viodi View – 02/17/10

Succession planning is not something of discussion at tech conferences. With the rapid evolution of technology, it is rare for a company to last a generation, much less generations like some of my telco friends and their companies.  As such, succession planning is serious business in the telephone industry, where lack of a good succession plan can have an adverse impact on an entire community.  This thought occurred to me when I read an article that Roger recently wrote regarding our digital signatures and the indelible ink they leave behind. Go to the Korner to read more. 

Check out ViodiTV at MTATurn-on and Tune-in to ViodiTV at MTA (Minnesota Telecom Alliance). We'll be on the Hyatt and Millennium TV channels March 1-3 in Minneapolis; Check it out. ViodiTV at MTA 2010 is brought to you by the Associate Members. Additional sponsorships are available.

Over the Top at NTCA

Over the top video was the theme of a panel at NTCA’s Annual Meeting in Tampa Bay. Robin Wilson of Nagravision provided an excellent overview of what over the top is and how people around the world are providing it as a stand-alone service or as a blended service with off-air or direct satellite feeds.  Dale Merton, COO of Toledo Telephone gave the operator’s perspective of over the top video and Toledo’s experience of offering the Vudu service to its customers.  Click here to read more.

WiMAX Handsets for CLEAR vs. Mobile Skype over Verizon 3G Network by Alan Weissberger

For sometime, I've wondered if mobile WiMAX could succeed without any handsets (especially smart phones). I thought mobile VoIP would be the way to go, because there would be an opportunity to combine voice with various Internet applications and that voice calls would essentially be free as they'd be overlayed over the broadband data network.  Click here to read the rest of Alan's post.  

WSTA PR Marketing 2010

Capturing Minds at WSTA PR/Mktg by Roger Bindl

An interview with Tony Rubleski of Mind Capture Group at the WSTA 2010 PR/Marketing seminar. I asked Tony to describe his 2 day workshop using items from his presentation (controversy and problem solving) and to highlight his message.

Howard Sherpe presenting at WSTALocal Content Draws Local Audience by Roger Bindl

Howard Sherpe of Vernon Telephone Cooperative tells how local content on local TV is a great marketing tool. There is a social networking element to local content where people want to see and hear local people, to watch local events, and to get the local channel. It's the most popular channel out of over 100. Howard provides background on how they're able to fill a big part of the day with special programing, provides examples of what they have, and what the #1 program is.  Click here to watch.

Some Tweets and Short Thoughts from the Past Two Weeks:

audience photoThe Korner – People Die, Profiles Don't by Roger Bindl

How many accounts, or how much information do you have on-line with banking, e-commerce, email, social networks, and such? What happens to these on-line accounts after death? Does your executor have access to these digital assests, does your family, does a friend? Who controls this information after death?

You may be surprised just how confusing and difficult it can be to access or delete on-line data after death. Jesse Davis of Entrustet talked to me after his Pecha Kucha presentation during High Tech Happy Hour in Madison, WI. Jesse talks about the Justin Ellsworth court battle with Yahoo to access emails and accounts after their son's death. This also raised question on if Justin wanted his parents to have access, and what about estate planning.

Watch this ViodiTV video to hear Jesse Davis talk about three types of digital assets; (1) economically valuable; (2) sentimental; and (3) private accounts.  Jesse also addresses the future issues of posting too much personal information on-line, and how this could impact the future of politics. How will the youth of today run for public office when so much private information is public. Produced by Roger Bindl HEM Productions, for ViodiTV.

[Editor's note, "The Digital Beyond" is a good resource for additional information on this topic.]

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