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Sticking to one’s metaphorical knitting, while figuring out the next thing to knit is a challenge all of us face in a world of decreasing product and service lifecycles. I feel that way lately as Roger and I have been involved in a project that has taken our focus off some of the current events, as well as some of the upcoming events. Fortunately, we have a library of interesting video interviews that will shed light on some recent items that have been in the news.

Can You Read Me Now – Verizon’s Role in the Smart Grid

Ann Shaub of Verizon At Parks Associates Smart Energy Summit
Ann Shaub of Verizon At Parks Associates Smart Energy Summit

With its recent announcements at CES and last week’s announcement with eMeter, Verizon is leveraging its strengths in telecom to innovate in the arena of the smart grid. Ann Shaub of Verizon provides an overview of their approach to making the grid smarter in this exclusive video interview at Parks Associates Smart Energy Summit in Austin last month. As she explains, their efforts to bring together all the disparate elements of the grid are not necessarily restricted to terrestrial broadband networks (e.g. think 3G or LTE, as evidenced by this earlier announcement) or even Verizon’s networks (think OTT power management).  Click here to watch.

Chris King of EMeter
Chris King of EMeter

The Complete Smart Grid

Chris King, a long-time veteran of the smart meter industry, discusses what is needed to realize the full potential of the so-called smart grid; we are closer than ever, but a few key things need to be in place.  Chris is with eMeter, a company that provides the back-end intelligence required to make sense of the billions of bits of data originating from the smart meters.  eMeter just announced a deal with Verizon to help power the latter’s smart grid business.  Click here to watch.

Note, this interview with Chris King was recorded for Parks Associates at their Connections Summit at CES 2011.

P&F 2011 Broadband Outlook Examines Over the Top Video vs Pay TV services by Alan Weissberger

Pike and Fischer’s new Broadband Competition Outlook 2011 report states that broadband service providers are rushing out new service enhancements and applications to keep the existing customers they have and to draw the attention of (hard-to-attract) new subscribers. The research firm provides forecasts on customer growth for new multichannel video services, high-speed Internet, IP telephony, and the features and applications that ride on those technologies. While the tumultuous economic conditions have made forecasting the growth in broadband adoption unusually difficult, the firm has incorporated publicly available projections on housing, unemployment, and other economic indicators into their 2011 competition forecasts. Click here to read the entire article, as well as the interesting commentary and the follow-up responses from Pike and Fischer.

Rick Schwartz of PacketVideo
Rick Schwartz of Packet Video

The Smart Phone as a Media Server

PacketVideo announced that their Twonky Mobile streaming application is now available for the iPhone platform.  At last month’s CES 2011, ViodiTV caught up with Rick Schwartz of PacketVideo, where he described the android release of this offering.  This app allows one to use his cell phone as sort of a media director, taking content (photos, audio, video) from the phone, the web or home storage devices and sending it to the television or to other devices, such as Blu-ray players, X-Box 360, Roku or AppleTV.   This was recorded as part of the Parks Associates Connections Summit at CES 2011.  Click here to watch.

Spectrum For Research and Testing – New Rules, New Issues by Robert Primosch of WBK Law, LLP

[Editor’s Note: Bob Primosch is a Partner with the Washington, D.C.-based, communications law firm Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP]

The FCC is considering rule changes that would make it easier for educational institutions, medical facilities, equipment manufacturers and others to research and test new wireless devices and services on existing spectrum.  By reducing paperwork burdens, shortening overall application processing time and giving applicants greater testing flexibility, the FCC hopes to accelerate the wireless product development process and thus shorten time to market.  Click here to read the rest of this article.

Broadband Property Summit – Discounted Registration & ViodiTV Sponsorships Available – Registration Code – “viodifriend” (adv)

ViodiTV will be on the Hotel TV channel again at the Broadband Properties 2011 Summit. Check out this video for highlights from last year, what to expect in 2011 and to consider sponsorships. ViodiTV will produce daily show coverage and interviews for a daily TV program, and for streaming on and after the summit. Contact us or Diane at broadbandproperties dot com for some very unique sponsorship opportunities.

To receive a discount registration for this great event, go to this link, check the “VIP” bubble and use registration code “viodifriend” to get an extremely reduced registration rate.

Batter up at MTAViodiTV at MTA – Get Your Message out on the Hotel Channel – Sponsorship Opportunities (adv)

ViodiTV will be on the hotel channel at the Minnesota Telecom Alliance Convention in Minneapolis, March 28 to 30.  This annual event is a great way to get in front of hundreds of independent communications companies.  The program is always relevant, particularly this year in the light of the recent movement by the FCC regarding the evolving Connect America Fund.  To sponsor ViodiTV, reply to this email or contact us.   To see an overview of previous ViodiTV coverage of the MTA Convention, check out this video.

Some Tweets and Short Thoughts

  • Congratulations to Jessica “Chief” Kizorek on the one year anniversary of her networking organization, BABW.  Nice write-up on what she is doing by the NBC-affiliate in Miami.
  • Shocking what category the U.S. leads – find out what  #1 black listed site is –  also, 23% of corporations block Facebook.  Granted this report from OpenDNS represents only 1% of DNS requests, it isstill interesting.
  • Sorry I missed this speech by Ron Laudner, CEO of Omnitel and OPASTCO Chairman. He emphasizes the importance of being “IP -Innovative and Proactive”.  OmniTel sponsored a Viodi-produced video that complements his speech.

Rob Riordan of Nsight/Cellcom
Rob Riordan of Nsight/Cellcom

The Korner – Looking Forward, While Staying Customer Focused

Independent telecommunications companies are typically the technology leaders of their communities. They have to know what is coming in technology, while, at the same time, providing their customers with great service for what is needed today. By bringing broadband to the so-called last mile, they literally connect their rural communities to the World Wide Web.

It goes beyond the physical connection, as they are often the ones helping their customers use technology to improve their businesses, wire schools to enhance learning or teaching customers how to use new gadgets and gizmos.

At CES 2011, we had a chance to catch up with a person who epitomizes balance in understanding where things are going and how that applies to his everyday customers. Rob Riordan of Nsight Telservices, a Green Bay-based telecom provider, is both a leader of the industry (e.g. former Chairman of OPASTCO), as well as a leader in his company and community. Rob literally has a global view of where things are going, as he regularly speaks at industry conferences from London to Shanghai.

Riordan explains how he is looking for interfaces that simplify the complex technology embedded with the gadgets and gizmos he brings to his customers. He provides a summary of the panel we had participated in at the Broadband Unlimited Conference and talks about what impressed him on that panel. He also mentions the work they are doing with a local clinic to extend tele-health services into to the community.

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