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As we have traveled the country the past 6 months telling the stories of rural America through video, a common thread to our “documonials” is the importance of locally-owned and operated businesses to the health of a community. It is the individuals in these communities, whether general manager or line technician, that makes a difference and move things forward.  Perhaps this is one reason that cooperatives work so well in the Midwest, as ultimately it is the mindset of individuals and, by extension, businesses who realize that they have to help each other in order to help themselves.

Movie Theater in Maryville, MO, USA
The Hanger in Maryville, MO, USA

We found ourselves in a very interesting shooting location a couple of weeks ago, as referenced in the previous issue of the Viodi View.  Coincidentally, I read about this location the night before in the Rural Missouri, the magazine of Missouri Electric Coops.  Our shooting location was the Hangar, a combination restaurant/bar/movie theater in the rural berg of Maryville, MO.  What makes this local bistro unique is the décor, which has a very creative aeronautical theme.

Smart Meters – Old School for This Electric Coop

Lake of the Ozarks
Lake of the Ozarks - Click to View View

Smart Meters are a center of controversy in California, but in rural the Missouri area served by Co-Mo Electric Cooperative, smart meters were introduced a decade ago and embraced by Co-Mo’s members. Kenneth Johnson, CEO/GM of Co-Mo, explains how their first generation smart meters helped their customers in ways that wouldn’t be obvious to someone who lives in an urban area. With an understanding of what a low-bandwidth meter has already done to improve their efficiency, Co-Mo is now creating a foundation for a next generation of meters that will have Fiber to the Home connectivity.  Click here to view.

Parks Associates' Smart Energy Summit

Parks Associates’ Smart Energy Summit – Next Week – Stay Tuned for More Coverage on the Smart Home & Grid

Cloud Connect 2012: WAN issues still unresolved, but Telcos get serious about Cloud! by Alan Weissberger

The critical problems associated with the WAN for cloud service delivery were explored at UBM/Tech Web’sCloud Connect 2012 conference last week in Santa Clara, CA. The WAN is a huge issue because VPN tunneling over the public Internet will not provide the security, availability, reliability, and performance needed by many large cloud users. Hence, most users will require some combination of a shared private network (IP-MPLS, Carrier Ethernet or Content Delivery Network) for their private clouds.  Moreover, most companies must connect their IP-MPLS private networks to the public Internet or a managed IP network  to get access to public or hybrid Cloud Computing services (unless the Cloud Service Provider is willing to make it’s Cloud Data Center a node on the customer’s private network).  Click here to read more.

Cisco’s turn around strategy is working, but for how long? by Alan Weissberger

Networking-equipment-maker Cisco Systems said its fiscal second-quarter revenue and profit gains illustrate that its turnaround strategy and internal revamp are working. The vendor reported a 43.5% increase in net income for the quarter and revenue improvement of about 11%, higher than its forecast.   Click here to read the rest of the article.

FCC Proposes to Extend DTV Viewability Rule for Cable Systems by Robert Primosch, Esq. (Partner  with Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP)

The FCC has issued a Fourth Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to consider whether it should continue enforcing its “DTV viewability rule” for cable television systems.  In addition, the FCC will consider whether certain small cable systems should remain exempt from the requirement that high-definition (HD) television signals be carried in HD.  Comments are due March 12; reply comments are due March 22.  Click here to read the full article.

Upcoming ViodiTV Events

  • Feb 28-Mar 1, Parks Associates’ Smart Energy Summit in Austin – great event for understanding how CE, Telecom and Energy converge
  • Mar 13–Mar 15, the ACA Annual Summit.  With retransmission and sports programming such hot topics, this will be an extremely relevant conference.  We are looking for a sponsor so we can program ViodiTV on the hotel channel at this event.  Contact for more info.
  • Mar 25-Mar 27, the MTA Annual Convention, the nation’s largest state telecom convention is always fun and informative.  Looking forward to showing some of the videos we produced in the upper Midwest at this event.
  • Apr 10-12, IP Possibilities – Like the Super Bowl, it is in Indianapolis, and will be an exciting event from start to finish.
  • Apr 24-26, Broadband Communities 2012 Summit – Always a great place for learning from a unique mix of municipal, private, telco, cable and government officials regarding the latest in broadband deployments and developments.
  • We also plan on producing new versions of the Viodi Local Content Workshop in the Spring, so let us know the topics you would like to see us cover and where we should go.

Some Tweets and Short Thoughts:

  • Mobile meets the electric carEricsson introduces way to control electric vehicle charging via an app by putting a virtual meter in the car. What makes this particularly interesting is that electricity usage can be charged to the consumer of electricity, which isn’t necessarily the one supplying the charger (e.g. solves the freeloader problem of charging one’s electric car at a friend’s house).  Also, by communicating to the Smart Grid, it allows for optimum time of day charging.
  • Ethernet pioneer, Bob Metcalfe introduced Carrier Ethernet 2.0 today, which promises additional Classes of Service and Quality of Service, as well as more efficient and reliable 4G backhaul.  Details here.
  • Congratulations to former colleague Bonnie Stone on her new venture, Butter Studios.  Specializing in direction, design and animation, I have been entertained by her group’s work in the past and look forward to seeing it in commercials and other creative in the future.
  • Broadband to the Man Camp – Shaw bringing voice, hi-speed data and video to the oil fields of Ft. McMurray, Alberta
  • My friends at Hiawatha Telephone have a nice summary of the multiplier effect “buying local” has on a rural community.

The Korner – Silicon Valley – Recipient of Mobility Fund Phase 1 Support?

The Other Side of Silicon Valley
The Other Side of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley may need a communications’ cooperative in order to bring wireless to some of its mountainous regions.   Even with a potential one-time funding from a reverse auction, it is going to be difficult for a traditional carrier to make a business case for bringing wireless broadband to this remote area.  A cooperative might be the answer, but, like so many locations around the country, obtaining spectrum for such a small area may be an even bigger challenge.

To read the rest of this post and why this could be an interesting opportunity for Silicon Valley companies, click here.

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  1. Ken,

    Thanks for mentioning our article on Buying Locally and the ‘multiplier effect’. This is just one of the articles in our TRUTHmatters series that highlights the differences between our company(s) and the larger cable MSO’s.

    Leif Street
    Hiawatha Communications, Inc.
    Marketing Manager
    Munising, MI – In the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

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