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AT&T to Test All-IP Phone Network in 2 U.S. Cities by Alan Weissberger

An image of a typical VoIP adapter.
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AT&T will begin pilot testing all-digital IP phone networks in West Delray Beach, Florida, and Carbon Hill, Alabama, as part of the U.S. carrier’s push to move away from legacy switched telephone networks (PSTN and POTS) in favor of all-IP delivery of voice, data and video. AT&T’s announcement: Testing the Next Generation of IP Networks, states that the carrier has filed plans with the FCC to conduct IP Trials in these two wire centers and that the trials will run over the next few years.

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While Alan was writing about AT&T’s plans, I had the good fortune to moderate a panel with Sam Harlan VP of Engineering for CHR Solutions and Paul Feldman attorney with Fletcher, Heald and Hildreth. They both provided excellent insight into the IP Transition trials. The one conclusion is that are probably more questions than answers at this point in the process. As an association friend said, this is a boon for consultants. My comments are listed below Alan’s article, along with the link to listen to the recording of this timely webinar produced by Team Lightbulb.

IP – Innovation in Phones – A Simple Safety Phone

Eric Stang of Ooma presents his company's latest product at CES 2014.
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The transition of the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to IP (Internet Protocol) is about innovation as much as it about the change of telecommunications’ protocol. Ooma’s CEO Eric Stang provides a sneak peek of the sort of innovation unleashed by IP, as he discusses Ooma’s soon-to-be-released, two-button, IP phone.

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Infosys Co-founder Dinesh Shares His Story at TiE-SV by Alan Weissberger

An image of Dinesh K, co-founder of Infosys.
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On March 3, 2014, K Dinesh, co-founder of Infosys Limited, mesmerized a TiE Silicon Valley (SV) audience with keen insight and perspectives on Infosys along with general principles of success for companies and individuals. He also shared his personal journey from his early life in India to a billionaire retired businessman.

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Virtually Networked: The State of SDN by Kshitij Kumar

A portrait of Big Data guru, Kshitij Kumar.
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We have all heard about hectic activity with several initiatives on network virtualization. The potpourri of terms in this space (SDN/OpenFlow/OpenDaylight etc.) are enough to make one’s head spin. This article will try to lay out the landscape as of the time of writing and explain how some of these technologies are relevant to independent broadband service providers.

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Thankful for the Last 20 Years

Ken Pyle and Matt Polka discuss 20 years of ACA and where things are headed for the small cable operator.
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One of the new traditions that I am thankful for is being able to work with the folks at the American Cable Association. For the past couple of years ViodiTV has covered their Annual Summit, which brings together small broadband operators, suppliers and regulatory and legislative officials. At their 20th Anniversary Summit, Matt Polka expresses his appreciation to the members of the ACA and how it is the members are its strength.

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Some Tweets and Short Thoughts:



The Korner – Bluetooth Toothbrush Helping to Prevent Yellow Tooth

The Kolibree Bluetooth, toothbrush and associated app.
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Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported on the Internet of Everything is coming to everyday dental hygiene. A new toothbrush, referenced in that article and that made its debut at International CES 2014, provides a way for people (or their parents) to record how long they brush their teeth. Additionally, this toothbrush measures the quality of their brushing. An app on a smart phone or tablet collects data from the toothbrush via a Bluetooth connection.

The app not only shows the statistics of things such as how long one has brushed, but provides gamification opportunities to trick kids (or adults) into improving their brushing habits. Due out in Q3, this toothbrush from Kolibree is comparable in price to a non-connected electric toothbrush.

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