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Will Google Hangouts and other virtual get together’s replace the advantages of face-to-face communications one sees at a trade show or conference? Sure, the immediacy and the zero travel cost of an online conversation plays well in a world that changes ever faster and needs an instant response. Still, being able to see people in all of their 3D glory and being able to take advantage of serendipitous introductions and meetings that occur in a crowded venue is invaluable. And sometimes, it is good just to get away to be able to focus on industry issues.

One of the problems of a local trade show is that it is hard to get away. There were a number of excellent panels at OTTCON in Santa Clara. Being in my turf, it was particularly difficult to break out of normal routines, as is possible when traveling. I didn’t catch enough of the panels to determine an overall theme, but a thought from Martez R. Moore EVP of Digital Media for BET echoed what Viodi has argued in its local content workshops for years.

He suggested they are aggregating and monetizing eyeballs across TV, mobile, VOD, online, social media and trying to create shared companion experiences across their platform. Moore said that BET is, “Creating value across an aggregated base of viewers.” He revealed that part of their competitive advantage is that they have one sales team representing all of their media (TV, VOD, mobile, etc).

Cloud Based Local Content

To have one sales team, requires a back-end that deals with multiple end-user screens and allows the operator to set business rules and serve advertising that is appropriate for a given device. Part of the solution to that problem, may lie with a company called TelVue.  Using the cloud to deliver local, linear and on-demand content is what Jesse Lerman of TelVue demonstrates in this brief video interview at the 2012 OTTCON (Over the Top Conference) in Santa Clara, CA.  Click here to view and read more.

OTT Movies Equal VOD with More Gardens to Pick From by Roger Bindl

rog-tv-ott-720Over-the-top progressed faster than I thought and gave more options than I thought, but now I think OTT has done better than VOD because it offers more options, probably did a better job marketing, and will likely dominate in the future because of its options. To me OTT movies are simply VOD out of someone else’s garden but I have a vehicle driving me to many more gardens to pick from.  Click here to read more.

Retransmit This and More

Content is the challenge in this world where technology destroys (and creates) business models. Retransmission consent, developed at a time when technology had different limitations, was top of mind at the 2012 ACA Summit in Washington D.C., as ViodiTV captured various operator perspectives on this controversial topic. We also heard from the folks from the U.S. and Canada who aggregate content for smaller, rural operators. Click here to view this brief video that provides highlights of those topics and provides a glimpse of the 11+ interviews we will be showing on ViodiTV.

Be More Nimble and More Local

Retransmission consent, programming costs and the terms and conditions under which his company must operate were among the biggest concerns of Robert Gessner of Massillon Cable TV at last week’s 2012 ACA Summit.  In this video interview, he explains the importance of independents working together to negotiate with the large media suppliers.  He points out that the biggest challenge his company (and other independents) face is scale.  Despite its relatively small size, Massillon Cable TV has retained customers through innovation and being close to the customer.  Click here to view.

Cost/Benefit Analysis of Regulations

In this video interview, filmed as he was leaving the 2012 ACA Summit and rushing to a vote, Senator Mark Pryor [D-AR] briefly explains a bipartisan, bicameral piece of legislation introduced by Senators Pryor and Portman [R-OH] and Representatives Coble [R-NC] and Peterson [D-MN] intended to reduce the cost of regulation and, by extension, help improve job creation.

The bill promises to bring those who are being regulated into the discussion before the regulations are passed.   The regulators must also show that a particular rule is the  “least costly way” to meet the objective.  Similarly, under this proposed legislation, the regulators must do a cost/benefit analysis; which is currently not allowed by some statutes.  Click here to view.

The Sleepy & Instant On Set-Top

“Lite sleep” and “Deep Sleep” are two of the power-reduction initiatives that Cable Labs is actively pursuing to reduce the power consumption, explains Ralph Brown, CTO of Cable Labs.  Being more efficient, without sacrificing performance and not sacrificing user-experience is their goal.

As pointed out in this CED article, the conversation could quickly turn into a political one, as  power consumption of a Network DVR (one copy stored remotely for multiple viewers) is approximately 1/60th of that of a network DVR-RS (Remote Storage, where it is one copy per viewer).  Perhaps, this will drive some interesting political alliances between the cable industry and “green” groups, pressuring content owners to grant network DVR rights to their distribution partners.  Click here to view the video interview and read the rest of the post.

Key Messages from IDC Directions 2012 for “The Intelligent Network” – Part 1 by Alan Weissberger

Courtesy of IDC

At it’s annual Directions 2012 conference,  market research firm IDC strongly stated that IT is on the cusp of a “Third Platform” that will dominate the  landscape till 2020 and beyond.  That 3rd platform consists of some mash up of: cloud computing, mobile broadband, mobile services/devices/platforms- OSs/apps, social networks, and big data/analytics.  Many or all of those technologies will be integrated or combined to offer new types of services to both business and personal IT end users. IDC predicts a CAGR of 15% for Third Platform IT spending through 2010 with a cumulative growth rate  of 70.4% (2013-’20).  Click here to read the rest of the article.

Some Tweets and Short Thoughts:

  • “Is the QR code a fad to be killed by fraud,” asks Roger Bindl?  Perhaps we will learn what he means in a future issue.
  • Richard Bullwinkle of Rovi- Amount of personal sharing of information is inversely proportional to the size of the screen
  • Bullwinkle of Rovi at OTTCON – 89% watch live TV – all those who are trying to disrupt television are trying to create television-like experiences.
  • Jeremy Toeman of dijit just threw out the obligatory “Jennifer Aniston sweater” ITV comment. Is pizza w/ VOD going to be the next comment?

The Korner – The Community Movie Theater

The chance to see a community revival of sorts would have not been possible without the face-to-face interaction that one finds at a trade show.  This story starts several years ago at the Badger Communications booth at the MTA show.  Cliff Albertson kindly gave me a copy of a book written by an owner of an independent telecom company.  I was thrilled to review the book and jumped at the chance to interview the author on camera to discuss his book.

Little did I know that I would get a bonus interview with Everett Christensen talking about his Economic Development Award.  It was great to talk about it, but I really wanted to see why he won the award.  I held out hope that someday I might get a chance to see the impact my new friend had made in his community.  Fast-forward six months or so and another friend  had figured out how Viodi could help his company tell their customers’ stories.

That was the ticket for me to take a detour on my route to North Dakota and see why Christensen Communications won the 2011 MTA Economic Development Award.  We look forward to meeting old and new friends at next week’s MTA show, as well as the 2012 MTA Economic Development Award and hope to get to that winner’s community some day.

And if you don’t have time to watch the video online, don’t fret, as we will air it on the hotel channel at MTA next week.  Thanks MTA!

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