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The passage of the health care bill along with all of the political wrangling of the past couple of months greatly overshadowed the FCC’s Broadband Plan, at least for those outside the industry. Still, with the intertwining of health care and telecom, it is clear that telecom and associated cloud computing technology will become a critical element to delivering more efficient health care in both urban and rural areas. As evidence of the intertwining of these once separate disciplines, the FCC Broadband Plan references “health care” 213 times and even gives the topic its own chapter.

The Connected Home – Remote Healthcare & Smart Grid

Click here to watch the videoIn this ViodiTV at MTA interview. Steve Klein of Allied Telesis, discusses emerging broadband applications around telemedicine and remote healthcare and the value they can provide to rural households and communities.  He points out how the telco's broadband network can power smart grid opportunities. ViodiTV at the MTA 2010 annual convention was sponsored by the MTA Associate Members and HEM productions.

In the next issue of the Viodi View, we will look at how bluetooth communications technology is extending the usefulness one of the oldest tools in a doctor's bag. 

AT&T Upgrades 3G Network while VZW On Track with LTE Buildout by Alan Weissberger

The two biggest U.S. wireless carriers are pursuing different paths to eliminate current 3G bandwidth congestion, provide higher speeds to users and achieve lower cost per bit transmitted. These initiatives are extremely important for the health of the wireless industry, which has moved from a "lock in" cell phone subscriber business model to a smart phone/gadget for mobile broadband Internet enablement.  Click here to read the rest of this article along with the insightful commentary.

Competition Spurs Telecom Choices

click here to watch the video interview with Minnesota State Representative Al JuhnkeThe independent telcos have a history of working with local municipalities to bring broadband to their communities. In this video interview, shot at the 2010 MTA Convention, Minnesota State Representative Al Juhnke explains how he first came to know independent telcos when they worked with his hometown to bring broadband to its citizens. Click here to watch the video interview.

ViodiTV at the MTA 2010 annual convention was sponsored by the MTA Associate Members and HEM productions.

Some Tweets and Brief Thoughts 

The Korner – Telecom Enables International Business in the Heartland

Roger Bindl had a chance to catch up with former Wisconsin Governor and Health and Human Services Secretary, Tommy Thompson, last week. Thompson, president of Logistics Health Incorporated, discusses how a modern telecommunications infrastructure has allowed this La Crosse, WI-based company to create a nationwide network of over 16,000 medical and dental providers that serves people in the military, government and commercial enterprises.

Click here to watch the video interview with Governor ThompsonLHI is an integral part of the La Crosse community. Reinforcing this local presence was the recent investment in LHI by Gundersen Lutheran, an integrated health care delivery system that serves western Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota and northeastern Iowa. Part of the motivation for finding local investors was the desire to continue to grow jobs in the community.

It sounds like Roger and Jacky were impressed with Thompson and had a good time interviewing him. And it sounds like the positive impression was mutual, as Governor Thompson had some nice things to say about Roger and Jacky. What impressed me is that Thompson was fine with Roger adding a bit of kraziness to the video. You will have to watch the with an eagle eye to see Roger’s bit of artistic license.   Click here to watch Bindl's interview with Governor Thompson.

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