0 thoughts on “Viodi View – 03/31/2011

  1. The editor of Viodi View and primary interviewer of ViodiTV is capable of making mistakes, but I take exception to his comment on conscious incompetence… I believe anyone that has seen Ken’s interviews – ranging from Dee Dee Myers, to Johnathan Adelstein, to Ev Christensen this week – has to be amazed at his ability to think on the fly and provide seamless interviews with an extremely diverse group of people. I’ve done it, and it is tough; especially to be consistent and bring energy to each interview.

    Ken doesn’t have a large support group to check his makeup, feed him with questions, check the lighting and sound levels, or double check those edits before going to air, so I’m totally okay with the 3 seconds (more like 2 seconds) of included out-takes.

    From behind the scene, my comments on the Korner. Yes, for sure, I am biased, I do much of the videography & editing, but what a perfect position to observe.


    1. Kuddos to Ken for his dogged determination to produce qualtiy interviews and fresh content on this site. The overwhelming majority of tech oriented web site simply regurgitate or spin news of the day, press releases, other commentary, etc. Some just cut and paste what others have written without adding any original content. Ken’s ethics would not tolerate that and it’s one reason I continue to write articles and provide instant analysis (e.g. ATT- T Mobile deal) for Viodi View readers! Hats off to Ken for doing a superb job!

      Alan H Weissberger
      IEEE ComSocSCV Chairman
      Manager and moderator of global ComSoc Community web site

      1. Thanks Alan! And thank you for your continued contributions, which are truly original and well researched. I really appreciate your analysis and how it always sparks a good online conversation.

    2. Geez, what nice comments Roger. I am lucky to work with such a great partner, who makes the process fun. I am constantly in awe of yourself as well as the many fine people who we have interviewed on ViodiTV. Thanks!

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