Viodi View – 04/11/15

An apparent spring on Capitol Hill.
Capitol Hill

It is easy to be awestruck when visiting the Washington D.C. area. One can sense the energy when stepping off the airplane and into this center of power. The region is overflowing with smart people, powerful organizations and more history of this great republic than anywhere else. It is understandable how the servant leaders who work in the “beltway”, could forget that much of this awesomeness emanates from the people and businesses inhabiting the other 3.8 million square miles of these United States.


The Cablization of the Internet

Patrick Knorr of Wave Broadband discusses how Title II regulation could lead to the
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Unintended consequences are probably the worst thing about laws and regulations. It’s difficult to predict the reactions from both individuals and corporations to outwit a new rule. Patrick Knorr, EVP of Business Services and IP Technology for Wave Broadband, suggests that that one of the unintended, potential consequences of Title II regulation of broadband providers is that “content providers” may begin to charge fees for their content (some of the Disney properties already charge for operators for their broadband content) in a way that is similar to what has occured with traditional, franchised cable television services.

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Opportunity Across the Silos

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A take-away from TIA’s Connected Car Workshop is that opportunity exists for those who manage to shatter the silos of once disparate disciplines surrounding the transport of people and goods. That is, the transportation industry is on a cusp of a major revolution that will be manifested through connected vehicles, combined with increasing automation that eventually leads to elimination of the driver. TIA CEO, Scott Belcher, provides highlights of this one day conference held in conjunction with the Contra Costa Transit Authority’s (CCTA) unveiling of its GoMentum Station Connected Vehicle / Autonomous Vehicle Program test facility.

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The Logistics of Working from Home – Parts 4 & 5

Dave Fridley discusses the logistics of working from home.
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Dave Fridley discusses the logistics and the tools FARR Technologies uses to support their 24 offices. One of the challenges they found was that their uploading requirements provided a challenge for some of the 14 providers to connect their employees. He points to the importance of recognizing nuances of online communications and the importance of reading between the lines.

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CableTV Icon Wendell Woody Passes

Wendell Woody, a Cable TV icon.
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The CableTV and telecommunications industry saw the passing of Wendell Woody this week. Woody, an icon in the cable industry with 49 years of service at companies such as Jerrold, Catel and Monroe Electronics. Many Viodi View readers may recognize Woody as Mr. Emergency Alert System, as he became one of the industry experts on this technology. This author had the pleasure of working with Woody at Catel. A few years ago, we caught up with him in this interview where he explained, “CAP”.

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The Korner – A Cooperative Book on a Cooperative Business

Vern Dosch discusses the cooperative business model and how it can work for its members.
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Life presents different challenges in rural America, as compared to urban and suburban America. Services aren’t convenient, windshield time is great and the elements have a bigger impact than in the city where there are greater resources on a per capital basis to defend against mother nature. Perhaps, it is because these and other challenges why rural regions have given birth to so many cooperative forms of business organization.

Wired Differently provides the secrets about what make cooperatives successful. It is a book about a culture, but it is also one man’s story of how the culture of the cooperative shaped him and how he and his colleagues shaped the culture of the cooperative, so that it could continue to be relevant to its members.

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