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A screenshot of a television in the hotel at the Addison, TX, Intercontinental Hotel.
Channel 2 at the Broadband Communities Summit

You can’t rely on the Federal Government or Google to build your broadband for you. That was a common sentiment at last week’s 2013 Broadband Communities Summit. Whether Democrat or Republican, better broadband seems to be a bipartisan cause that all can get behind. We had some great interviews with leaders from communities and industry who are making broadband happen in various ways. We even have an interview with a pioneer of broadband from the original FTTH deployment from 1986. More of that in future issues.

A Total Solution for Property Owners

Ken Pyle interviews John Price at the 2013 Broadband Communities Summit.
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In-building communications infrastructure is becoming increasingly important to property owners. As John Price, president and owner of M3 Multifamily Media Management, suggested at the 2013 Broadband Communities Summit, the communication network needs to be a complete solution. He also indicates that as part of a total solution “move” programs offered by service providers are critical in helping property owners simplify the transition of tenants as they move from one city to another. Click here to view

[Thank you to M3 Multifamily Media Management for their sponsorship of ViodiTV at the 2013 Broadband Communities Summit].

Comments on a Conversation with an FCC Commissioner

At MTA, Ken Pyle interviews Shirley Bloomfield of NTCA
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Unfortunately, ViodiTV was unable to attend both the Broadband Communities Summit, as well as last week’s IP Possibilities. Fortunately, we were able to catch up with NTCA president and CEO Shirley Bloomfield at last month’s MTA Convention. In this interview, Bloomfield recaps the conversation that she and MTA president/CEO, Brent Christensen, had with Commissioner Clyburn. Regulatory uncertainty caused by the FCC order, naked DSL, call completion, the importance of fiber to making wireless work, small markets compared to large markets, video programming access issues are some of the topics covered. Click here to view.

2013 Cloud Connect Highlights, Monitoring, Optimization Cloud as IT Disrupter; SDN as a New Virtual Network Infrastructure & More by Alan Weissberger

This graph depicts the number of mobile devices and tablets sold versus PCs.
Image Courtesy of Citrix

Having attended all four Cloud Connects, this one was by far the most in depth and comprehensive treatment of cloud computing. At last, no more defining terms and debating methods of cloud computing, this year’s conference discussed how the cloud is being used now. And also how business could leverage the cloud for more effective IT operations.  Click on the links below to read this three-part series of articles covering the 2013 Cloud Connect conference.

2013 Ethernet Tech Summit- Market Research Panel, Carrier Ethernet & Unsung Heroes by Alan Weissberger

An image depicting small cell backhaul.
Image Courtesy of Infonetics

“Ethernet Technology Summit attendance was up over 20% in 2013. Topics of special interest included software-defined networking (SDN), 40/100/400 GbE, venture opportunities, and market research.  Another highlight of the Ethernet Technology Summit was a Wednesday evening award ceremony to the “Unsung hero’s of Ethernet.” Click here to read Weissberger’s summary of this event.

From Static to Dynamic

The TELiBrahma service is demonstrated and discussed at CES 2013.
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At NAB 2013, TELiBrahma announced the release of Point 360, an, “Augmented reality marketing platform for brands and agencies that connects image recognition, video recognition, social integration and geo-targeting technology from TV to Print to Mobile.” ViodiTV got a glimpse of this development at CES, as seen in the interview with TELiBrahma’s Manoj Panedka. Click here to view.

Some Tweets and Short Thoughts:

  • Talk about missing the obvious; in the previous issue of the Viodi View, we tied Google’s broadband efforts to Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity hypothesis. What was missed is that Kurweil became a Google employee in January, as pointed out in this excellent Wall Street Journal interview/article.
  • CBS invests in SyncBak; for those of you who don’t remember what this Aereo-like service is, here is an interview we played last year about this Over-the-Top provider of Over-the-Air content.
  • No time to dig into this right now, but the Gift Clarification Rule provides an example of how people/enterprises will try to game a government subsidy program

The Korner – Bootstrapping an All Fiber Network – Part 1

“You can’t conduct your life with dial-up; this [broadband] isn’t a luxury question,” said Dr. Tim Nulty of In part one of this two-part interview, he explains how one community is bootstrapping the creation of an all fiber network in a very rural part of Vermont. His comments, made in April 2012, were prescient of a recurring theme at the 2013 Broadband Communities Summit, that citizens cannot count on national organizations or the Federal government to bring them an advanced communications system.

Ken Pyle interviews Dr. Tim Nulty at the 2012 Broadband Communities Summit.
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He calls what they are doing as “localvesting” and emphasizes that local citizens are digging into their “piggy-banks” to finance this network that will allow their community to be able to compete and prevent emigration. And Nulty’s background as former  Principal Economist and Senior Telecom Project Officer for Telecommunications at the World Bank gives him the perspective of the importance of what this group of citizens is doing to keep their region relevant in the 21st century.

Stay tuned for part two of this two-part interview. This was one of my favorite interviews from the 2012 Broadband Summit and it was a disappointment not to see Dr. Nulty at the 2013 event. Having said that, there are a bunch of great interviews with speakers from the 2013 show that we will be sharing over the next few months. In the meantime, click here to view.

Thank you Millennium Communications Group for your support in making this video possible.

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