Viodi View – 06/10/10

Roger and I are covering the Parks Associates Connections Conference this week in Santa Clara, We will be posting videos from this event over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, here are some high level bullets from the event so far:

  • Consumers are still somewhat cautious and, according to Tricia Parks, “No company can let its guard down.”
  • A digital, centralized storefront is what consumers want. Will DECE be the organization that makes this happen or will service providers
  • 3D is here to stay and 3D without the glasses is the future.  By 2014, 1/3 of homes will have a 3DTV, according to data presented by Samsung
  • Energy is moving from a commodity to a service, thanks to the Smart Grid
  • According to Cisco’s Ken Wirt, 91% of all traffic will be video bits by 2013.

GSA Silicon Series: 4G and the Evolution of Mobile Broadband – Keynote and Panel Discussion by Alan Weissberger

Mobile broadband is today's growth engine for the telecom industry. Despite the current global economic slowdown, AT&T witnessed a 37.2 percent increase in wireless data revenue to $3.4 billion during the second quarter of 2009, adding more than 2.4 million iPhone customers. Ericsson released measured traffic data on live networks showing that data surpassed voice traffic globally in Dec 2009. The message is clear: Consumers want mobile broadband, and they want it now.  Click here to read the rest of this comprehensive article.

Pyramid Research: Middle East Will Surpass Europe in LTE Early Adoption by Alan Weissberger

Despite the early LTE lead of Telia-Sonera in Sweden, Pyramid Research predicts that the Persian Gulf countries of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and UAE will pioneer Long Term Evolution (LTE) adoption and surpass European LTE deployments. The LTE penetration rate for those countries is expected to reach 11.8 percent, which is more than the projected Western European average of 7.7 percent, according to a new report from Pyramid Research ( This conclusion could be somewhat misleading, as these three wealthy, but small Arabic countries may not be representative of the entire Middle East.  Click here to read more.

WSTA Coverage by Roger Bindl

The Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association (WSTA) celebrated their 100th year at the annual convention in Lake Geneva last month. Some of Roger's video coverage is referenced below:

Access Under Attack 

Roger Bindl interviews Bill Albertson, Solarus, at the WSTA 100 Year Annual Convention on IP Long Distance solutions or alternatives when access revenues come under attack. 

Bend Insensitive Fiber

click to view the video on bend insensitive fiber

Roger Bindl interviews Adrian Collins, CP Technologies, at the WSTA 100 Year Annual Convention. We learn about bend insensitive fiber and their LevelOne IP cameras for consumer and enterprise applications.

100 Years with WSTA

click here to watch the video

The opening video in this player provides an overview of the conference including the kick-off, 100 year documentary, keynote speakers, breakout sessions, exhibit interviews, new officers, and awards. 

ViodiTV at the WSTA 100 Year Annual Convention was sponsored by CP Technologies and Solarus with additional support from HEM Productions.

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Some Short Thoughts and Tweets


  • Automated Snail Mail from Matt Mullenweg – good links to sites that take email and converts it to old school mail 
  • COPPA Training looks interesting – the Kid Safe Seal program might be of interest for independent telcos –
  • Funny, I just heard a test of the Emergency Alert System with my son and explained to him how it is being modernized- FCC
  • Excellent whitepapers from Kurt Scherf regarding Rural Broadband and GoogleTV. Hope to interview him for ViodiTV@Parks
  • Congrats to our old friends at ETI Software Solutions for their work with Cincinnati Bell. A quality offering is the key to long term success

The Korner:  The K-Zone in the Korner

Click here to watch the interview with Illeana DouglasViodiTV covered the Parks Associates’ event at the 2010 Consumer Electronics convention and we got some great interviews with people involved with different services, such as energy management, telemedicine. Our interview with Illeana Douglas, filmed at the Kodak booth at the CES tradeshow floor, captured the changing world of content creation and distribution.

Many of you will recognize Douglas from her appearances in movies and TV shows, such as Seinfeld, Law and Order and Frasier.  I came to know her through her character in the short-lived, but funny and all too accurate TV-series, Action.  Thanks to the so-called cloud, about a year ago, I watched this series and was amazed at the quality of the acting as well as the breadth of name actors that were part of this show.

It was thrilling to hear Douglas speak at the Kodak showcase at CES. What we found out is that that Douglas is controlling her own destiny by producing content through her own production company. She provides a great example of how to monetize content by working directly with a brand, IKEA in this case. The brand is woven into the program so effectively that she is able to tell her story without the viewer feeling like they are getting a sales pitch.

As important, thanks to the interactive nature of the broadband medium, the audience becomes part of and shapes the story. In this video interview, she explains how the adoption of Korean babies by Swedish parents drove a story line in her series, Easy to Assemble. Watch our video interview and hear her thoughts on how technology and broadband are changing the content creation and distribution business.

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