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Click here to watch the videoSeeing people smile at the camera is one of the most rewarding things about producing video content. Looking back on it years later, the combination of audio and video captures memories that print and photos alone cannot match. Editing the following video brought back fond recollections of past OPASTCO tradeshows and friends made at these events. Click here to watch a video montage that uses ViodiTV at OPASTCO footage to promote the OPASTCO 2010 Summer Convention. 

Thank you in advance to the following sponsors for their support of ViodiTV's coverage of the 2010 OPASTCO Summer convention.  

Click here to go to Cronin's web site.spacerClick here to go to Extreme Networks' web site.Click here to go to OmniTel Communications.

Click here to watch the videoMore than a Logoed Napkin by Roger Bindl

Roger took a slightly different approach and produced a video that touts the long-tail benefits of video sponsorship versus the traditional tradeshow sponsorships that last as long as the tradeshow. He found some clips from the archives with industry figures that I forgot we had. 

Click here to watch the video interview with Ronald Jacoby of Yahoo!Simplifying the Development of Apps for TV

Since March 2009, the Yahoo! Widgets platform has been bringing Internet applications directly to the TV. In this video interview filmed at Parks Associates’ Connections Conference, Ronald Jacoby, Senior Director and Chief Architect, Connected TV, Yahoo!, explains their reasons for developing their connected TV platform. Jacoby tells of their success at integrating this open platform into major brand televisions, which has led to the development of a range of simple to use interactive TV applications. Later in the interview, he provides a very insightful answer to my question as to whether multiple open TV platforms (e.g. Google TV) are necessary.

Click here to watch the interview.Creating a Better, More Efficient Consumer Video Experience

Creating a better consumer experience, while fixing the broken digital supply chain, are the objectives of the DECE. Mitch Singer, Chairman of the DECE anad CTO of Sony Pictures, discusses how this is an industry-wide initiative that includes participants from retail, infrastructure, content and telecommunications organizations. A key to what they are doing is the ability for content providers to be able to publish once and distribute to multiple places. This could result in significant cost savings in the digital supply chain, while allowing customers the freedom to easily discover and play media across all of their platforms where and when they want.  Click here to view.    

Cloud Computing: Impact on IT Architecture, Data Centers and the Network – Wednesday July 14, 6 to 9 PM, Santa Clara, CA

Sessions include:

  • Building Many Bridges to the Cloud
  • Cloud Data Centers and Networking Trends
  • Cloud Connectivity – offensive or defensive play?

Click here for detailed information.

Wireless Network Nearly Maxed Out-More spectrum the answer? by Alan Weissberger

That was the title of a terrific San Jose Mercury News article, Sunday June 27th by columnist Chris O'Brien.  The online version title is: We're not ready for the mobile revolution

O'Brien writes, "We are reaching capacity on our wireless networks. The gadgets we use have caused such a dramatic surge in mobile data that it is creating a bottleneck in the infrastructure needed to carry the traffic. Even worse, this is happening as smartphone innovation has made the U.S. the world's most exciting mobile market after years of lagging. Now that innovation could be put on hold while the networks catch up. That's bad for consumers, investors and the economy."

Click here to read Weissberger's analysis as well as the commentary that follows which look at the question of whether more spectrum will solve the bandwidth bottlenecks.  

Click here to watch the video interviewElectric Broadband via Fiber

Dan Strode, CEO of Ralls County Electric Cooperative in a rural part of Northern Missouri, explains the need for broadband in his service area. This need for broadband was evident from the results of the surveys Ralls County Electric Cooperative administered to its members.

Awarded a multimillion-dollar stimulus grant and loan, the 35-employee, Ralls County Electric Cooperative is building a Fiber to the Home network that will serve all of its customers. The interview continues with Bill Shreffler of Pulse Broadband. He describes the turnkey network that they are putting together for Ralls County Electric Cooperative.  Their thin fiber architecture reminds me of the passive rural video fiber networks we would occasionally deploy at E/O Networks in the 1990s.  Click here to watch our interview.

Some Tweets and Short Thoughts –

  • Is the Cius the equivalent of the corporate iPad? Cisco's android-based, Cius business tablet in its docking station.
  • FCC Chair Genachowski to speak at OPASTCO Summer Convention. This should be interesting, especially regarding the BB Plan.
  • The Third Way: What's It All Mean? : Excellent summary of the ramifications of possible FCC Net Neutrality rules.

The Korner – Local Content – Putting Smiles on Customers' Faces

Click here to watch the interview.Local content as a way to serve the community was a common theme of a panel I moderated at the 2010 Broadband Properties Summit. As expected, Cullen McCarty of Smithville Telephone and Gary Evans of HBC provided an excellent overview of how they are helping their communities by serving up content about and by the community. What made this especially interesting is HBC has gone through several generations of equipment, while local content is a relatively new venture for Smithville.

Smithville's initial focus is to create and embed content on their web site, while HBC is a long-time veteran of programming a linear TV channel. As seen in this video, one thing these telecommunications firms have in common is that they are using local content to inform and put a smile on the faces of the people in their respective communities.  Click here to watch the interview.

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