Viodi View – 07/13/12

The FCC’s 901 Auction (Mobility Fund Phase 1 reverse auction) is less than three months away and yesterday was the filing deadline for applications.  There many unserved places in the U.S that need mobile and fixed broadband, as shown in this interactive FCC map.  Bringing mobile to these areas will hopefully have the side benefit of bringing lower cost middle mile broadband to barely served areas.  There may be some unique partnerships to bring broadband and its benefits to citizens, particularly in rural locales.

A Cooperative Smart Grid Infrastructure

Smart Meter & Network

Cooperation among infrastructure providers, particularly in rural areas, offers a potential for improving efficiency and creating the opportunity for new revenue sources. In this interview, Ralph Dunn of McMinnville Electric System, describes the combination Wi-Fi and fiber network that is the underpinning of the nascent McMinnville Electric System Smart Grid. Click here to view.

Amazon Smart Phone Coming in 2012 May Challenge Carrier Model by Alan Weissberger

Amazon is said to be actively developing a smart phone that would present a direct challenge to Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android devices.  Two sources close to the project say the Amazon smart phone would essentially serve as an extension of the Amazon Kindle Fire – the  hugely successful tablet e-reader offering  (this author has a Kindle Fire and is mostly satisfied with it). Click here to read Weissberger’s analysis.

Beware of the Unforeseen Competitor – Still

Alan Weissberger’s article on the Amazon Smart Phone reminds me of a Viodi View post from several years ago regarding the unforeseen competitor.  As mentioned in this article from 2005, the unforeseen competitor could be from a big box retailer or, as Alan points out, Amazon.  Or, a current example of an unforeseen competitor is Valero’s promotion to give away a movie (via Red Box) or an MP3  with a purchase of a 44 ounce soda. Click here to read more.

A “Jinni” to Find “I Dream of Jeannie” and more

Yosi Glick – Jinni

The shortcomings of the traditional television grid guide is what drove Yosi Glick’s push to find a better way for people to discover content. Jinni’s approach uses algorithms to extract meaning from the synopsis of television shows. With 2,200 tags, their genome approach creates a user-centric guide. Click here to watch the interview and find out why providers, like Swisscom, are turning to Jinni to help their customers find content.

The Korner – Communications Needed on the Road Less Traveled

A car or cell tower nowhere to be found
A car or cell tower nowhere to be found

The road less traveled is Highway 6, starting in eastern California and traversing the mid-section of Nevada.  Although its neighbor highway to the North, Highway 50, was deemed the “Loneliest Road in America,” the two-lane ribbon of seemingly endless asphalt that is Highway 6 really deserves that moniker.  The condition of the road is great, but what is lacking is the complementary communications nervous system, so common along the Interstate system. The lack of wired or wireless network could mean life or death for the stranded motorist, as this author recently discovered.

Click here to read more and what this story has to do with the upcoming FCC 901 Auction.

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