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Stretching beyond one’s comfort zone was the theme of a joint presentation I gave several years ago in San Diego. The theatrics employed for that presentation took me beyond my comfort zone. And a couple of years later, I wasn’t fully anchored in Anchorage when I moderated a panel featuring eight young, but very wise, people that turned into another career highlight. The uncertainty of working with youth and the unknown is a feeling I have again, as I prepare to bring ViodiTV to next week’s  The Independent Show in San Diego for the first time.

Organization Changing to Keep Up With the Industry

Ken Pyle interviews Jim Gleason at the 2013 ACA Summit.
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“The reasons to start it today are the same as they were 20 years ago,” said Jim Gleason of NewWave Communications.  Gleason was referring to the motivations for starting the American Cable Association. Although things have changed from a technology standpoint, the challenges of content access and costs of that content remain the same.

Click here to get an idea of what The Independent Show will be like from this interview filmed at the 2013 ACA Summit.

Analysis and Implications of Google’s Proposed Web TV Service by Alan Weissberger

A picture of scissors literally cutting a coaxial cable.
Cutting the Cord

Alan Weissberger provides his analysis of Google’s proposed web TV service in this article. It will be interesting to see how MSOs and Telcos react; especially if there  is a consolidated response from the cable industry. For instance, perhaps the MSOs would finally offer a nationwide Over-The-Top video service that would compete against themselves (as well as the Google-type offering), whereby each MSO would carve out revenue based on where the subscriber is.

Click here to read Alan’s analysis as well as the comments that follow.

Set-Top on a Stick (or Will the Real Chromecast Please Stand Up)

An image of a set-top on a stick from CES.
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The device described in this video from CES looks an awfully lot like Google’s just announced Chromecast. Watch the video to hear TVF’s approach for eliminating the set-top box. Their set-top is similar in size to a USB stick and connects to an IPTV system via integrated WiFi and to the TV via HDMI. It uses the USB power from the television set, eliminating the need for an AC input. Further, it has a corresponding application that allows one’s smart phone to serve as a remote control. TVF is looking to service providers to distribute the product. Based on android, it promises to make any TV, a smart TV.

Click here to view.

VZW Challenges AT&T’s Claim to Fastest & Most Reliable 4G-LTE Network in the U.S. by Alan Weissberger

Cell Tower
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AT&T’s new ads, which claim it has the “most reliable” 4G network, are based on “independent third-party data,” the company says. AT&T claims it has the top success rate for delivering mobile content to its 4G network users, but hasn’t identified how that’s been proven or justified.

Click here to read the entire post and the comments that follow.

A Steady Mobile Payments Wave

Ken Pyle interviews Jennifer Kent of Parks Associates at CONNECTIONS at CTIA.
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The NFC (Near Field Communications, not National Football Conference) wave for payments is on the horizon. As Parks Associates’ Jennifer Kent suggests in the above video interview, progress on mobile payments is steady. An initiative to convert payment terminals to include NFC capability (EMV) by 2015 will be a big driver for mobile payments at the retail level from mobile phones and devices.

Click here to view and read more.

ViodiTV at The Independent Show in 30 Seconds

An image of the type of programming that will appear at The Independent Show.
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Cramming two to three hours into 30 seconds was the opportunity given to me. The above video is the result of that opportunity and will be part of the reel that is played on the televisions in various common areas at The Independent Show next week.

ViodiTV will be on channel 59 of the conference hotel, the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, and this 30 second spot is a great chance to let attendees know about the channel. The above attempts to show the essence of ViodiTV and the programming that will air next week. We are looking forward to airing exclusive content dealing with topics as varied as the brain-controlled user interface to an update on a green marketing programming.

Thanks ACA and NCTC for your support and encouragement in launching ViodiTV for the first time at The Independent Show. And thanks to our advertisers, AXS TV and Viamedia, as without their help, ViodiTV at The Independent Show wouldn’t be possible.

If you are a vendor looking to standout from the crowd, there is still time to advertise and let people know why they should visit your booth.

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