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Ten years from now, attendees may look back at the 2009 Summer Convention as the seminal event where OPASTCO kick-started its transition from an association of the PSTN to one with a focus on broadband and IP. Mark Gailey, Chairman of OPASTCO, and John Rose, President of OPASTCO, echoed this theme in their opening comments at the Summer Convention. ViodiTV had a chance to catch up with both Gailey and Rose in our video interviews.

Mark Gailey at OPASTCO Summer 2009 ConventionFrom a PSTN to an IP Association

In this video interview, Mark Gailey of Totah Communications and 2009 OPASTCO Chairman, outlines the drivers behind the change in direction at OPASTCO. OPASTCO’s organizational restructuring reflects the changes that OPASTCO’s members face and, as such, will embody elements like content, applications and putting the consumer in control. Gailey calls out to the OPASTCO members and associate members to help in the transition.  Click here to view.

John Rose talks about over the top and walking  the walkWalking the Walk – Talking Over the Top

John Rose felt that he had to, “Walk the walk,” and show by example the sort of world that is available today to the customers of the Telcos. With the help of his son-in-law, Rose created a home entertainment and communications network that allowed him to cut the cord from all but his broadband provider.

While not for the technical-neophyte, Rose’s idea of getting services via over the top methods will be commonplace in the not-too-distant future. Watch this video to see John’s suggestion for how a Telco can simplify the Over the Top experience for the customer and return to a world where a telco is involved in the sale and service of CPE.

What is a Telco in 3.0 World?

I literally walked the walk when I wrote this next post. Warren Lee’s comments at OPASTCO inspired me while I was taking a morning walk. His talk spoke of the tools and the attitude that a telco needs in order to thrive in a “3.0” world. It seemed appropriate then that I wrote and published this post using my G1, android-powered phone. To read my comments on Warren’s wisdom, please click here.

Pump Is Primed for the Broadband Mobile Internet by Alan Weissberger

Nomadic user experiences with WiFi sets the stage for mobile broadband access, but significant CAPEX will be required.  We have read quite a lot lately about nomadic workers and virtual offices. Armed with notebook PCs and seeking WiFi hot spots, many employees are leaving their cubicles and using coffee shops, pool decks, and friends’ homes as their new “anywhere” offices.  Click here to read.

NSN-Alvarion OEM Agreement Has Huge Strategic Implications by Alan Weissberger

In this article, Alan Weissberger compares Nokia Siemens Networks recent announcements to resell Alvarion WiMAX equipment, while simultaneously focusing on its own 3G and LTE efforts. Click here to read Alan’s analysis.

People on the Move – Congratulations OPASTCO Winners

Congratulations to Steve Meltzer of JSI for winning the OPASTCO Associate Member Distinguished Service Award for 2009. For 32 years, Steve has been making valuable contributions to the independent telco industry. See him in a future episode of ViodiTV as part of our OPASTCO 2009 Summer Convention coverage.

Congratulations to Harry Baker for receiving the well deserved Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Korner – Help Harry and Mathew Help FRED

One of the leading supporters of the rural telecom industry, Harry Baker of Sierra Telephone, was unable to attend the 2009 OPASTCO Summer Convention and receive his Lifetime Achievement Award due to health-related travel restrictions. Fortunately, the ever-creative Sherry Colgate came up with a clever way for us to see Harry’s image. Harry was everywhere, as will be shown in a future video.

David Baker’s acceptance speech on behalf of Harry inspired a different video that could help FRED, the Foundation for Rural Education and Development. Harry Baker has been a long-time supporter of his immediate community, as well as the OPASTCO community through his generous donations to FRED.

Help Harry Help FREDThe idea was to create a video with a good chance of winning the grand prize associated with the SanDisk 60 Second Summer Mobile Video Contest. We mixed Harry’s image, a telco prodigy and a great cause in order to make the above video. The audio pickup on the G1 is not so great, so the audio appears to be out-of-sync with the video at times.

Fortunately, Mathew Baker was a great sport, as he had to work with five directors. As such, we had five takes. Since SanDisk allows multiple entries, we decided to submit all five takes. The following videos represents all five takes. I encourage you to rank the videos and view them all, as it may help us win for FRED SanDisk’s grand prize of $5,000.

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