Viodi View – 08/18/10

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Next Sponsorship Opportunity with WSTA Fall Conference

With school starting (in some cases having already started), summer feels like it is over. The tradition of Labor Day marking the end of summer has gone by the wayside in most places, with the school year being the mark against which I measure. August has become the new September and school's opening truncates vacation plans for those of us with school-age children. Fortunately, the conference circuit still adheres to a September launch with events that include, Set-Top 2010, the FTTH Council Convention and ExpoNTCA's Annual Convention and Screenplays’ Magazine Media and Innovation Summit

Click here to view the videoTransitioning to an IP Association

One of the few telecommunications’ conferences held in the summer is OPASTCO’s Annual Convention. ViodiTV not only provided coverage at the event, we produced a video, sponsored by OmniTel Communications, highlighting OPASTCO’s transition to an IP Association. This video features leaders of OPASTCO discussing what this transition means for the association, as well as how IP and broadband are affecting their communities.  Click here to view.   

Click here to view the videoFive 9's Reliability for Over the Top Services

“The most valuable asset an independent telco has, other than their people, is their bandwidth,” said Kevin Walsh of Zeugma Systems on a panel at the OPASTCO Summer 2010 Convention. In this video interview, he talks about the importance of managing traffic in order to provide high quality and reliable communications. He suggests that managing bandwidth, which seems to be the crux of the recent Google-Verizon deal, will be important to providing high quality experience, a “broadband HQ” experience, if you will.  Click here to watch the video.

Click here to view the videoFiber to the Islands

The FCC's announcement last week of the Office of Native Affairs and Policy points to the increasing importance of ensuring that broadband networks are available to native homelands. In this video interview from the OPASTCO 2010 Summer Convention, Al Pedersen discusses fiber network that Sandwich Isles Communications created to serve the Hawaiian Home Lands. In this interview, he discusses some of the construction challenges Sandwich Isles Communcations faced, such as boring through lava, as well as unique permitting requirements and costs imposed by their distance from the mainland. Their creation of an undersea/land fiber optic network, which Pedersen describes as open access, stands to benefit all Hawaiians.  Click here to watch the video.

Hold the Obit:  Sprint pay $105M for Spectrum, will focus on WiMAX by Alan Weissberger

Sprint will buy 10 MHz of spectrum from Wirefree Partners III for $105 million to boost its coverage in 16 markets, the carrier noted in a newly filed quarterly report. Wirefree Partners was formed by former executives of Sprint affiliate AirGate PCS, which was acquired by Alamosa Holdings, which Sprint then purchased. In 2005, during the Federal Communications Commission's broadband PCS Auction 58, Wirefree paid around $150 million for 16 licenses covering a little over 18 million points of presence (POPs).  Click here to read the rest of the article.  

[Editor's Note:  The above article, as well as the article Alan published titled Conundrum Continues: Mobile Video Drives Mobile Traffic, but for How Long, have quite a few interesting comments from readers, as well as additional information in the comments section from Alan.]

Some Tweets and Short Thoughts:

  • Check out the CEO blog of Shirley Bloomfield at the NTCA.  That will be a great way for her to communicate directly with members and the world at large.
  • FCC provides basis for how they came up with their broadband target speed for the National Broadband Plan.
  • Low-income states have highest broadband competition.
  • Art Brodsky of Public Knowledge on Net Neutrality – old interview, but may be relevant given the Google/Verizon deal.
  • CONNECTIONS(tm) – The Digital Living Conference & Showcase – We cover via ViodiTV – Thanks Parks. Good ONE to attend

FLO TV - Still Going Strong?

The Korner – Possibilities of a Comcast Theme Park

So, when the Comcast-NBC-Universal merger goes through, how will it affect the Universal Studios' theme parks? I don't think we will see a ride based on the movie, The Cable Guy, given its subject matter and that it was a Columbia Pictures release. Maybe there will be new attractions dedicated to broadband. How about a ride that keys off the line, "To Xfinity and beyond"? Again, this phrase references another non-Universal movie, so we probably won't see that attraction.

Click here to read the rest of the post and my speculation on data collection, privacy implications and why I have this photo of a commercial being shot at the Universal Studios lot.  

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    1. I was waiting for Ken to reply, but in his absence my take is that WiFi will dominate. There will be two types of WiFi transport- to a personal hotspot that’s 3G/WiMAX enabled and (more prevalent) to broadband wireline access- DSL, cable, DS1, etc.

      alan Weissberger

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