Viodi View – 08/28/09

Is it serendipity, good luck or something else when the stars seem to align? That is how I felt a few weeks ago when I received a phone call from a telco friend with a simple request. Thanks to the timing of her call, I was able to exceed her expectations and in turn get a gift much greater in return. Go to the Korner to learn more.

Click here to watch the video interview with Steve Meltzer of consulting firm, JSI.Don’t Fear the Audit

One of the concerns that independent telco friends have expressed about applying for the broadband stimulus monies are the unknown rules that may be imposed upon them at a future date. Fears of the bean counter are justified, as many independent telcos have been through painful and costly USAC audits over the past couple of years. These audits have confirmed that the telcos are following the rules. Steve Meltzer of consulting firm JSI explains, in this video interview filmed at OPASTCO’s Summer 2009 Convention, the importance of diligent record keeping to improve the process of the inevitable audit.  Click here to view this video interview.  

Will Outsourcing Make Carriers More Competitive? by Alan Weissberger

Managed services and outsourcing of wireless and wireline network operations has become an emerging trend in the global telecom industry. Rajeev Suri, Director of NSN’s managed services business unit says the global managed services is a $277 billion market.  Which carrier will be next to outsource its operations? Will that make them more competitive and profitable? And how much new managed services business will traditional network equipment vendors get?  We focus our attention on the new managed network players in this article.  Click here to read the rest of the article and associated comments from readers.

 The Korner – Customer Appreciation Day at Lakeland Communications favorite professional activity is visiting my independent telco friends in the area they serve. I am not certain what it is that appeals to me

  • Is it the low cost of living – free parking. inexpensive accomodations and simple food?
  • Is it the people – who are authentic and probably more creative than folks from the urban areas- they have to be as there are fewer things to do?
  • Is it the open expanses of the fruited plains and the amazing fact that something like 1% of the population feeds the rest of us?

It’s probably those factors, as well as a longing for the orchards that were still around in my youth and that now are close to being completely paved over by faceless business parks that often are half-empty. I am not suggesting that the Valley of the Heart’s Delight shouldn’t have transformed into the Silicon Valley. It’s just unfortunate that it developed the way it did.

So I jumped at the chance to visit Lakeland Communications and participate in their annual customer appreciation day. Their event captured a slice of rural America. The experience is hard to describe, but fortunately, Roger was there to capture the highlights through this video interview with Chris LaRowe of WSTA. Click here to view the video.  

Independent telcos, if you want to see the rest of the story, contact me about an event I am co-producing on October 1.

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