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Where the road leads is not always clear, but eventually it leads us home. Last week, that road led me to the digital home; that is, the Digital Home Summit in Dallas. It was great to help Bernie and Tocia of Telecompetitor  document this conference, which focuses on the digital home from the operator perspective.

Think Like a Start-Up

Robert Kenney, OnProcess
Robert Kenney, OnProcess

“Think like a start-up,” was a recurring theme of the Digital Home Summit and a key message of the opening keynote by Robert Kenney, EVP of Sales and Marketing for OnProcess. Other speakers reiterated this line throughout the daylong event, as they stressed that the digital home is still early in its development. The opportunity and the challenge for service providers is that the digital home is still in its early stages. Click here to read the summary of this day-long event.

Stay tuned to Telecompetitor for video interviews from the event; in the meantime, here are a couple of videos interviews from that event:

FCC Plans for Incentive Auctions to Shake Up Broadcast TV & Mobile Broadband industries by Alan Weissberger

Alan Weissberger examines the  recently announced FCC “incentive auction process,” which will reclaim airwaves now owned by TV broadcasters and auction them off for use in wireless broadband networks.  TV broadcasters that want to keep their spectrum  would be forced to relocate frequencies to different parts of the TV band, in a procedure called “repacking.”  Broadcasters would get some undisclosed portion of the spectrum sales from the Incentive Auctions. Click here to read Weissberger’s article, as well as the associated comments.

Summary of Telecom Council TC3, Part 1- Service Provider Innovation Forum by Alan Weissberger

Over the last few years, more than 25 Telco Innovation Labs have opened up in the SF Bay Area, including Sprint’s in Burlingame, AT&T’s in Palo Alto, Verizon’s in San Francisco and Deutsche Telekom’s in Palo Alto. Telecom Council Carrier Connections (TC3) – the Telecom Council’s annual summit – provides an opportunity for startups and application developers to interact with telecom carriers (telcos) and network operators. Telco representatives who manage innovation, from developer programs and labs facilities to venture investing, discussed many issues that are relevant to their vendors and partner companies. Click here to read more.

Entrepreneur Forum & Carrier Perspectives – Summary of Telecom Council TC3, Part 2 by Alan Weissberger

This second piece examines the panel session on Rich Communications Suite (RCS) and (more importantly) selected carrier innovation agendas, strategies and case studies. RCS is a unified communications service for smart phones that will be built on top of IMS (IP Multimedia Services). From the end-user point of view, RCS would enable communication such as instant messaging, video sharing and buddy lists. Click here to read more.

Some Tweets and Short Thoughts:

  • A recent article in Wall Street Journal and reported elsewhere discusses how people are sacrificing meals out, spending less on apparel, etc., so they can spend money on mobile data plans. If they don’t go out as much, then why do they need the expensive data plans? To encourage people to eat out again, perhaps we will see a national restaurant chain or group of chains offer their own wireless plan with an “all you can eat” data plan.
  • [Thanks to tech/BB] “Our world isn’t getting smaller-our reach is getting longer & deeper” – Eric Bruno/Verizon #DHS12
  • Eric Simons of “AOL squatting” fame [article on ViodiTV] launched education startup@TeamClaco.
  • Jonathan Adelstein leaving RUS & starting at PCIA. Can’t believe that isn’t headline news. It isn’t even on the RUS website.

 The Korner – A Cooperative Local Content Solution

North Liberty Recreation Center
Click to View Video

Promoting community and economic development is one of the benefits the city of North Liberty, IA is finding with their local content presence. In this exclusive interview, Cheryle Caplinger, Communications Director for the city of North Liberty, explains how the city is using PEG (Public, Education and Government) funding to create content that not only brings their community together, but promotes it to businesses and people well outside its border.

She also explains their special partnership with South Slope Cooperative Communications and how they turned to South Slope to help broadcast their signal beyond the borders of North Liberty. With South Slope’s network and its relationship with the state-wide Iowa Network Services, North Liberty was able to help drive a substantial increase in attendance at their annual North Liberty Blues and Barbecue festival.

Meredith Fisher King, Marketing Director for South Slope Cooperative Communications, comments on the relationship with North Liberty and how these two entities complement one another. One gets the sense from King, as well as from observing the town and its continued growth, that its local content efforts are a manifestation of a business-friendly and community-driven environment.

Note: This interview just touches upon the clever things that North Liberty is doing in the way of local content production. A great place to learn more will be at the Calix User’s Group, where Cheryle will be on a panel moderated by this author.

For more information on registering for the Calix User’s Group and attending the October 28th panel, please go to

Click here to view the video interview.

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