Viodi View -10/29/08 Issue

November 4th, 2008 is the target date for some big changes in Washington D.C. People in the telecom world will not only be watching results of the general election, but will be monitoring the results of votes from an FCC meeting that includes agenda items of Intercarrier Compensation and Universal Service Order and the use of “white spaces” spectrum. Whatever the results from next Tuesday votes, it looks like there will be changes to the established ways of doing business.

ViodiTV at OPASTCO 2008 Tech & Mktg Symposium

Click here to see Roger's excellent summary video.Intercarrier Compensation and USF reform were top of mind at last week’s OPASTCO Technical and Marketing Symposium in Minneapolis. Roger Bindl captured a few of Roger Nishi’s opening comments in this brief video collage. His video provides a good snapshot of this two day conference and features comments and snippets on topics such as marketing, IPTV and the cell phone generation from speakers such as Sherry Colgate of Sierra Telephone, Larry Thompson of Vantage Point Solutions and Scott Meyer of Innovative Systems.

The Angry Filmmaker

The Angry FilmMaker in Madison

Roger held a Local Content Workshop prior to OPASTCO’s Technical and Marketing Symposium. As would be expected, he used videos to show the power of video. In this video he produced for the workshop, the "Angry Filmmaker" explains why technology may change his attitude.

Martin Group at WSTA Annual Conference  product buzz logoVideo describing some of the work Martin and Associates is performing for telecom entities

In this special Product Buzz feature, Conrad Carson, Professional Engineer Martin Group, talks about the SDN REED Project (a South Dakota statewide fiber optic network) and the new Interoperability Lab at the Martin Group. Dean Uher, Senior Staff Analyst describes how the regulatory group interfaces with engineering to serve telcos, red flag areas for customers to be aware of and the feasibility of Fiber to the Home.

An Excellent Broadband TV Primer

Parks Associates Web Cast, Broadband Video to the TV and Beyond, is an excellent primer for anyone wanting to get the most out of the upcoming Digital Hollywood and TelcoTV conferences. It is not too late to listen, as Parks Associates has the recording online. Kurt Scherf, Vice President, Principal Analyst, combines extensive primary and secondary research together with excellent analysis to provide a clear picture of the current broadband video market.  Click here to read the rest of this article.

WiMAX and 3G in India delayed again! by Alan J. Weissberger

The sorry saga of WiMAX in India continues.  We think India is vitally important to the health of the mobile WiMAX industry as it is potentially the largest emerging market for that technology.   China has shown no interest in WiMAX  and is pursuing their homegrown 3G technology instead.   So that leaves India as the kingpin for WiMAX deployment in developing markets.  Click here to read the rest of this article.

 People on the Move:

  • Allan Linden, formerly of Kasenna, announced the launch of Allan, where he and his colleagues bring their skills to helping companies in their global marketing efforts.
  • In his latest Venture Beat email newsletter, Georges van Hoegaerden has a thought provoking article suggesting that market categorizations often provide incorrect information and can work against innovation.
  • Congratulations to Sangita Verma, Tag Networks CEO and Viodi View reader, on the mention in a recent Wall Street Journal article, on social TV applications. Her television gaming applications reach over 200k subscribers.
  • Congratulations to Roger Bindl for winning the Audience Choice award for his documentary, Miss Mickey, submitted to the Minnesota State Historical Society’s Moving Pictures film festival. 

The Korner – Good for Google, Good for Us?

It was once said, “What is good for General Motors is good for America.” Fast-forward fifty years and the engine of the economy is no longer nuts and bolts manufacturing, but the dissemination of information and entertainment at little to no direct cost. Maybe the new catch-phrase should be, “What is good for Google is good for the U.S.”

A long checkout line, while using Google CheckoutAmazing, that a business built on search has so many different and wide-ranging initiatives; from the creation of a smart-electrical grid to assembling the largest library ever assembled. Not all of Google’s initiatives will necessarily prove to be successful, since they are often competing with entrenched ways of doing things, but Google is definitely changing the way business is done.  

Click here to see my real-world concerns and whether Google Checkout is worth checking out, especially for non-profits.

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