Viodi View – 11/23/09

The tradeshow season is ending just in time for the start of the holiday season. This week will be a good one for taking a breather before a final push before the holidays and end of year work. One thing we have seen this year and that will probably continue into next year is consolidation among once independent firms. Alan Weissberger comments on a recently announced takeover in the follow article.

HP Acquires 3Com to Battle Cisco for Data Center Supremacy by Alan Weissberger

On November 11th, HP reached an agreement to acquire network infrastructure manufacturer 3Com for $2.7 billion. 3Com makes networking, switching, routing equipment and security software. 3Com had $216 million in total sales last year, according to SEC filings. The company is a market leader in China, which was a big factor in HP's decision to make the buy, according to an HP representative cited by Bloomberg. The transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2010. Click here for Alan's analysis on this deal.

Some Good Tips from Jessica Kizorek

Jessica Kizorek points to a good article that reviews low cost, relatively high performance, hand-held camcorders from of Cisco, Creative and Kodak. Besides the technical attributes of these cameras, their form factor and ease of use are important considerations when purchasing one of these devices.

Kizorek also posted an excellent article on social media, 8 Idiot Mistakes in Social Media, as well as an important article for anyone who will be in front of the camcorder, 10 Tips for Looking HOT on Video. She could have pointed out an 11th tip, which would be to stand next to me on camera as I make anyone look good and sound articulate. 

Social Media, the Good, the Bad and the Great by Roger Bindl

click here to watch the videoPaul Hager, owner of Information Technology Professionals, provides PechaKucha style presentation on social media for the Nov. 20, 2009 two part High Tech Happy Hour in Madison, Wis.  On the question of how to avoid diluting your online presence while, at the same time, spreading your message over websites and social networks, Hager suggests planning, planning and planning.  He also talks about Google's possible plans to cross reference with Twitter on ranking search results, plus he gives a 30 second summary of this 6 min, 40 second PechaKucha presentation on Social Media.  Click here to watch Roger's videos on this unique happy hour.

An Interactive Chat using an Old Instrument

Received a fascinating telemarketing call that I almost hung up on, but ended up listening to for almost an hour. One of the only groups that can escape the do-not-call laws are the politicians. This particular call was from Tom Campbell, who is running for the governor of California. Instead of a recorded call, this brought me into a live, interactive chat room. Inside this chat room there were upwards of 22,000 listeners.  Click here to read the rest of this post.  

David Lewis, Computers and South America

click here to watch the videoWe have so much to be thankful for in the United States; things like clean water, a solid electric grid and bountiful food. Spend any time in a third-world country and it is easy to appreciate the basic things that are so easy to take for granted. The pictures David Lewis sent me from his travels to the Caribbean and South America provide first-hand evidence of the challenges presented by a poorly developed infrastructure.

In this video, filmed at OPASTCO’s 2009 Summer Convention, Lewis explains how he and his wife have been making regular visits to his South American “family” and the inspiration behind these treks. He has been collaborating with a local pastor to bring computers and technology to locales in Guyana and Haiti. They are always looking for computers to bring to their friends from Guyana and Haiti.

Contact David at

dlewis at,

if you have computers that you could donate to help his efforts. 

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