Viodi View – 12/3/08 Issue

User-generated content is often dismissed by professional content providers as amateur and being of lesser value. On a collective basis, professionally-produced content is definitely more valuable than what can be produced by one person and a camera. To an individual, however, the video, no matter how grainy or poor the lighting, of their son’s first Little League home run will be more valuable than Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster.

Embarking on a New Path

Roger Bindl pointed out an interesting contest that Embarq created to generate video from user-submitted videos. Packaged goods companies, automakers and others have been using this technique to get their customers involved in creating content and grass-roots advertisements since the advent of sites like YouTube. The Embarq 48 Second Video contest is the first time that I have seen a telco employing this approach, which is consistent with the kind of web video integration that Sean Popen suggested in the presentation he gave at TelcoTV.

Click here to read more about Embarq's 48 Second Video Contest

For a relatively inexpensive investment of less than $10k in prizes, they are obtaining the exclusive rights to content (read their terms and conditions for more info)) that they could use on their web site, television or on any other future device. It is somewhat surprising that they didn’t have a tighter integration with their web site, as this may have helped increase the number of contest submissions (which appear to be less than 20).

And the Best Sites for Posting Online Videos

According to an email from the 48 Hour Film Project, the best sites to use for uploading online content are Blip.TV, Revver, Vimeo, Veoh and YouTube. This list is consistent with what Viodi has found in terms of sites that provide decent levels of quality, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. In that same email, there was a reference to an excellent article regarding how an independent producer could build an audience for their work via online uploads culminating in a DVD release.

And One We Used to Use…. By Roger Bindl

The key terms from Brightcove’s 12/3/08 webinar were "contextual publishing”, "branding", and "integration to ad networks". Brightcove, with the release of Brightcove 3, is making a switch to paid subscriptions, but is also working to help publishers generate revenue. They have done that by creating media API’s for better integration of video and text into websites – or contextual publishing – along with ad server integration. More on this in the next issue of the Viodi View.

Update on Mobile WiMAX- is it really mobile by Alan Weissberger

Over a year ago, Alan Weissberger wrote an article titled: Will the real mobile WiMAX please stand up:The claim then was that IEEE 802.16e (AKA Mobile WiMAX) would be primarily used for fixed line BWA. Not much has changed in the last 18 months. Recently, there’ve been some encouraging announcements from Clearwire, Digital Bridge , and several overseas wireless service providers. However, the overwhelming majority of WiMAX deployments continue to be for fixed BWA. True mobile WiMAX service has been hampered due to several factors: a scarcity of native mode WiMAX devices, developing countries urgent need for fixed BWA, and the uncertainty of mobile VoIP (over mobile WiMAX) availability and roaming. Click here to read Weissberger’s excellent update on the latest state of WiMAX.

Cisco Responds to Harsh Business Climate by Alan Weissberger

This has been a somewhat of a watershed week for Cisco. By announcing the year end (US and Canadian) office closures the company has acknowledged that its business will be depressed and cost savings is in order. In addition to the lower sales and earnings forecast, Cisco is facing competition from ProCurve- a fast growing HP business unit that has increased market share in the $20 billion market for local area network and wireless switches. That market provides the bulk of Cisco’s revenues and profits. Click here to read more on Weissberger’s analysis on what Cisco is doing to survive in this uncertain economy.

People on the Move:

Congratulations to Jessica Kizoreck on the formation of “NewCo”, which is a sister company to Two Parrot Productions. NewCo is an outgrowth of her book and will be involved in educating businesses about new media and social networking tools.

Michael Fletcher, former President of Firestone Communications, announced the creation of Studio 121. Studio 121 provides content production and network origination services for business and entertainment. Notable clients include America One Network and iSopresa.

Lastly, congratulations to our friends at Ringgold Telephone for the creation of ferroMedia. Ringgold is building upon their award winning local content efforts to expand production to other businesses and telcos. More on that effort in a future issue. 

In Memoriam – Frank Genochio

It was a bittersweet moment a few weeks ago when I read of Frank Genochio’s passing. Frank was a prince of a man and provided a great example of how to lead an honorable life. A World War II veteran and member of the greatest generation, he never boasted about his successes but quietly helped others in achieve their potential through encouragement and sage advice. Click here to read more about this man I feel blessed to have worked with and so many years ago.

The Korner – Shepard’s Pie by Roger Bindl

The following video is what I call dual purpose. It was produced for a 48 Hour Film Film event (the Wis-Kino 48 Hour Kabaret in Madison), but with the intent of tweaking it afterwards for the Kraft Cooking Video Challenge on YouTube.

I noticed the contest on YouTube a couple weeks ago and had thoughts about where to shoot and produce it, how to add a twist and when to work on the video. Coincidentally, “the where" tied into the location with friends who like to cook and the curator of a mustard museum/store who has a flare with mustard. Both the friends mustard museum curator were in Mt Horeb, Wisconsin. The Wis-Kino Kabaret provided the catalyst of “the when” for the location.Click here to watch Roger's very clever video and recipe for Shepard's pie.

The theme for this particular 48 hour event was "change". It worked perfectly into my thoughts for a Shepherd’s Pie recipe, and to replace ketchup with mustard. I wrote the script on Saturday morning for my wife Jacalyn to play the second part, but then I called Barry Levenson at the Mustard Museum ( who was happy to participate. The rules at Kraft only allowed two people to be in the film, so that created a challenge where I had to get creative with the number of actors, using voices, doing double shots with masking and having a bit of fun.

Editor’s Note:  Watch the video, vote for Roger’s production and you will improve his chance at winning a very big prize.

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